Wednesday’s short and salty, and then sweet question

Okay, totally off topic, except that it is slightly sweet and salty – if you like dark chocolate, you have to try the one with sea salt.  It is seriously wonderful.  It tastes like a dark chocolate covered pretzel – only better and without the pretzel.  I quickly learned to make my own, and am now sprinkling sea salt on dark chocolate everywhere I go!

On to more serious issues, today’s short and salty, then sweet question is . . .

What would you be doing, if money were not an issue?

People tend to think this is a pie-in-the-sky question, but it led me to finish two mid-life degrees; make interesting life-expanding moves; travel – lots; join the Peace Corps and has guided me everyday of the past year since my return – with amazing results.

What would you be doing, if money were not an issue?

Honestly, what would it be for you – not just for today, but say for the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years?  How would your life look and feel? (I know that is another question, just answer it anyway.)

Money never really is the issue, at least not the final one, our choices are what make the difference.


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