Dancing vs Trainers

Choosing what shoes to wear can be a dilemma for me.

I’ve noticed that when life gets tough, it is sometimes easier for me to slip on my emotional dancing shoes, than to lace up my mental trainers. 

My dancing shoes jazz up my life, but tend to waltz me into emotional oblivion. 

I find myself tip-toeing through situations, tapping my way around reality, and hip-hoping through the difficult moments. The effort I expend while wearing them is exhausting, and I end-up in the same place, dancing around the same old issues.  

Even though my trainers aren’t nearly as cute, nor as much fun to wear, they provide support, and the minute I put them on, I begin moving forward. They get me out the door and headed in the right direction. 

I have used my trainers to leap tall obstacles in a bound, to connect the rubber to the road and to exercise my courage.

Emotionally speaking, I am going to leave the dancing to the stars and wear my trainers a lot more in 2011. Care to join me?

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