One year ago today . . .

This week I finally got back to Dream Café, and had a perfect cup of cappuccino and a delicious Choco Loco! If you live in Bitola visit Dream Café in New Bitola by the pazzar for a one of their delicious hot or cold coffee drinks – they are dreamy! I will be there this Saturday.

One year ago today . . .

As bad as our economic crisis is, the economics of life in Macedonia are much worse.  Double digit unemployment is a way of life – 30%+ is normal, and yet the entrepreneurial spirit prevails.

I am continually humbled by the number of people here, who are creating the lives they want as they tip-toe through and leap over the obstacles in their paths. 

Here are the results of believing your dreams can come true . . .

Dream Cafe, Bitola, Macedonia

My friends Pece and Marie are a unique couple in many ways.  They have successfully blended their cultures, and use their many talents to combine their dreams.  I was thrilled to be here for the opening of their new café.  I spent many, many Saturday mornings with friends at their previous café in the old Turkish market in Bitola.  “Dream Café” is in a great location, next to the new green market in Bitola.

Pece and Marie

Their cappuccino is the best in Macedonia. (My close up shot of a perfect cup was not so perfect – next visit!)  Pece is a coffee connoisseur, blending each batch of beans with just the right amount of options for his customers.

Every special event means great chocolates will be on-hand for guests.


Lots of delicious choices, even better then Starbucks - alcohol allowed. 🙂


Friends old and new, Nikola, Jovan and Dan, enjoying coffee.

Pece and Marie make and serve each cup with pride and precision!

Pece capturing a moment. Seating inside and out.

Congratulations again, to my two wonderful friends Pece and Marie and their sweet little daughter and son. I can’t wait for my next cup of cappuccino.


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