Left of yesterday

That’s what I call it when my life takes an unexpected turn. You know, when you start down one path and end-up on a completely different one and it turns out to be, well, different . . . Left of yesterday.

If you ever find yourself left of yesterday, know that different directions, abrupt turns and false starts are a natural part of life. Trust that you have what it takes to handle the turnarounds and detours, and then try to relax and see what there is to see along the way.  (If you don’t believe or are shaky about trusting you have what it takes, don’t worry, we all feel that way at times. Check out my Courage Diet, it can help restart your engines.)

I promise you there is something to be gained left of yesterday, no matter how well its treasures are hidden.

Kinkhali in waiting

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with fun, family and friends. I will be spending mine in the Republic of Georgia with a former PCV buddy from Macedonia. No doubt, we will be eating kinkhali, sipping some beer and taking lots of photos, which I promise to share with you soon. (This photo is not mine, borrowed it from www.instructablescomiddumplingsfromthemountainsofgeorgia)

Until then, consider all the paths you travel to be the ones you are supposed to be on; remember gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving, and whether you buy or bake the pumpkin pie being able to share it with friends and family is all that really matters.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS If you want to observe the fine art of kinkhali folding, click here. These delicious dumplings come in many varieties, the most common being a meat mixture, followed by cheese, potatoes and mushrooms. They are delicious and seem to me to be a cross between Chinese dumplings and pierogies. Meat kinkhali contain juices you must suck from the dumpling before taking a bite and the juice tastes like won-ton soup to me!

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