Find out what makes you uniquely you!


Did you know that you are a very cool and unique combination of virtues and character strengths?

Yes, you! You are uniquely designed to be good at certain stuff. How cool is that? Positive psychology studies show that one of the best ways to feel happy and fulfilled in your life is to identify and use your personal strengths to accomplish the “stuff” that best suits you.

Having and exercising your Character Strengths is nothing new, yet sometimes we have to be in just the right mood to move forward on something, so I am mentioning it today incase the spirit of the Olympics inspired you this weekend, and you are wondering what you can do to pursue your personal best.

Why not get started by taking the VIA Charcter Strength Survey to find out more about yourself and what makes you uniquely you. It only takes 15 -20 minutes, and it’s free. Not a bad investment for such a positive return; it could be the beginning of a whole new you or maybe just a more “fit” you, because once you discover your strengths and begin exercising them, you can increase your happiness and your sense of fulfillment. 

Don’t miss out on exercising your strengths, it’s a workout that can keep you fit for the rest of your life! Think of it as the Olympics for your mind! It only take a few clicks and less than 30 minutes to discover and begin exercising what makes you, uniquely you!

After you have completed the survey, click here to receive your free Wishful Thinking Works Circle of Strengths, which can help you exercise your strengths and work your way up to your personal gold medal of happiness! 

Patrice Koerper  Life Coach Wishful Thinking gold medal June 2013


If you are ready to go for the gold in your personal life, having a coach can help you focus and move forward faster.

Contact Patrice Koerper for Wishful Thinking Works coaching, today.

Party in your head, and you’re invited!

I’ve written about this topic before, but I just can’t get it out of my head!

In the June 26 online issue of the Positive Psychology News Daily, Bridget Grenville-Cleave, a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) student at the University of East London, provided a series of summaries from the 5th European Positive Psychology Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 23-26 2010. Here is part of one of her summaries:

“Keynote 2: Barbara Fredrickson (Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

How Positive Emotions Work and Why

 . . . Positivity opens us, changing our perceptual horizons. Recent brain imaging research shows that the perception of people in a neutral or negative state is focused in one area, whereas people in a positive state have a broadened focus. The implications of this are as follows:

    1. We can see many possibilities.
    2. We’re more creative.
    3. We’re more resilient.
    4. We perform better. . .

Positive emotions transform us for the better – they’re a source of nourishment for growth . . .”

Well, there you have it – being positive is good for you!  Gratitude and appreciation stimulate wider areas of your brain, meaning you have more brain power going for you – neurotransmitters firing, connecting, interacting.  That’s a good thing.

Picture your brain on happiness – it is like a party in your head, and all the guests care about you and are working to make your life better.

That’s what being more positive can do for you, and your brain scans can prove it.

I like that. Party on!


If you would like to start planning a party in your head, I can help!  You can learn to be more positive, and I can coach you through it.  For more information on life coaching and how it can change your life, click here.

Friday’s Thought

When you talk about the good in people, they’ll prove you right.

When you talk about the bad in people, they’ll prove you right.

The choice is yours!

Patrice Koerper, 2007

The basic math of happiness

  more give

+ less take


a happier you

(give more) + (take less) = a happier you

No matter how we arrange these four little words,

they can make us – and the world – happier,

if we let them.

– take less, give more –

“Be the change you want to see.”  Ghandi



If things are not adding-up the way you would like in your life, Wishful Thinking Works life coaching can help. Patrice will help you sort through the issues and find solutions. For more information, click here.

The light-side of life

I had a great gathering with some wonderful Wishful Thinking Women in Tampa, Florida on Saturday. We talked about identifying how we want to feel, before deciding where we want to go or who we want to be.

I believe one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to begin recognizing and savoring the moments that make you feel happy, confident, or relaxed. These moments can lead you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Becoming aware of how you feel in those moments will help you build a reservoir of positive emotions, and may increase the likelihood that you will want to recreate them in the future. It’s like resetting your emotional compass to point to positive rather than negative, which positive psychology studies show can increase your creativity and your ability to think broadly.

For many of us, the most common feelings we recognize are frustration, sadness, worry or regret. We keep them close to the surface where we can retrieve them at a moment’s notice. We become so accustomed to falling-back on draining or taxing emotions that we don’t bother to notice or we downplay the energy-enhancing ones, such as happiness.

By becoming more adept at identifying and fully experiencing the positive moments in our lives, we can retrain our brains to key-in on them and reduce our attraction and attachment to the energy-sapping ones. Little-by-little our stockpile of positive moments will outweigh the heaviness of the negative ones and can tip us over to the light-side of life.

The light-side of life is where all the really good stuff develops as our more relaxed state-of-mind allows our brains to broaden and our options to grow, which is the perfect time for planning what we want to do and who we want to be.

You can reset your emotional compass by making it a habit to notice and savor the moments when you feel light, peaceful, proud or happy. Notice what makes you smile, laugh, or relaxes your shoulders. Catch yourself feeling good, and savor the moment. Savoring locks in the richness of the moment, and makes it easier to find and recall the positive emotions attached to it, which may lead you down a whole new path.

Don’t let the good moments slip by you. Learn to identify and savor what makes you happy. When you do you are “exercising” your happiness muscles, which may help you build the life you really want.


 Wishful Thinking Works life coaching can help you build your happiness muscles. Having a coach in your corner, is a great way to quickly move forward with the changes you want to make in your life. For more information, click here or contact Patrice Koerper at 813-719-0769.

Looking for “Likes” in all the right places!

Hi All,

I’m looking for “Likes” in all the right places.
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Thanks for being part of the life I really want, wishing you the life of your dreams!

The rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air . . .

This is the second year in a row I have posted about this timely topic; I love creating blog traditions!   

July 1 was the 183rd day of the year. Since 2012 is a leap year with 366 days total, that means today, July 2, is the first day of the second half of 2012!

Why am I bringing this up? So you can begin celebrating your 2012 triumphs to date, of course!

What have you accomplished this year that just six months ago seemed impossible or a distant possibility?

What new trails have you blazed?

What promises have you kept?

What chances did you take?

What teeny, tiny or wondrously huge steps have you taken in the direction of your dreams?

I think that since folks are already planning parties, picnics and pyrotechnics for the Fourth of July, it’s a fantastic time to combine our patriotic triumphs with our personal ones – and celebrate them all!

Don’t be shy, this is the season for aiming high and lighting up the sky. Even if you don’t tell your friends and family what you are up to, why not let those bright lights and loud booms ignite a bit of personal pride?

Start planning now to make this Fourth of July your personal Independence Day. Light-up your life by counting your successes. (Most of us, particularly women, spend way more time thinking about what we haven’t done, than what we have done.) 

List them all – big and small, and then, when you are watching “the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air” congratulate yourself on your 2012 accomplishments thus far, and all the exciting ones that lay ahead.  

To get started, click here for your free Wishful Thinking Works downloadable “Ta Da” List. (A “Ta Da” List is much better than a “To Do” List, because it’s for all the cool stuff you have already done.) Have fun!

Happy Independence Day!


For help with creating change in your life or for gaining new insights or independence from your worries, click here or contact Patrice Koerper at 813-719-0769.

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