14 Valentine’s tips for a happier day

Patrice Koerper Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching Speaking

Would you like your sweetest Valentine’s Day ever? 

Here are 14 Wishful Thinking Works tips to make this year’s Valentine’s Day your best yet!.

Mix and match them to your heart’s desire. ♥

♥ Using even one can raise your happiness levels. 


  1. Plan ahead – having something to look forward will raise your spirits.
  2. Broaden your scope – you can celebrate being in love with anyone on Valentine’s Day – friends, family, your kids, your life, your job – whatever makes you smile!
  3. Expand your options  – restaurants can be overbooked and way too busy, flowers and candy can be pricey, so . . .
  4. Be creative – good times don’t require big budgets.
  5. Relax – even the most romantic evening can be ruined by letting our expectations outweigh our circumstances.
  6. Put the focus on others – this is a great time of year for Gratitude Letters, cards or notes to special aunts and uncles, neighbors, or co-workers anyone who has done something special for you – ever!
  7. Memories make great gifts – find ways to bring great moments alive again through Facebook posts, photos, calls or visits.
  8. Volunteer studies show this can brighten everyone’s day, and may even lengthen our lives.
  9. Babysit – If you don’t have big plans – help make someone else’s night great! 
  10. Share sweet surprises – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to live the Lollipop Effect.
  11. Give an unexpected hug; it is good for everyone’s health!
  12. Ask for a do over – to undo something you said or did that you wish you hadn’t.
  13. Forgiveyourself or someone else!
  14. Give instead of receiving – A $25 donation to KIVA will create a loan that will empower a life. They have a 98.40% repayment rate, which means your one time donation can help again and again around the world. A $58 donation to the International Rescue Committee can send a girl to school for a year in Afghanistan or Africa.

Make the simple, special this Valentine’s Day and you will be making yourself and others happier.

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