30 Days New – Day 9

iphone-410311_960_720“30 Days New” – Day 9

I was going to call yesterday a sick day, because I was sick and had been up most of the night, but then realized that wasn’t in the true spirit of my “30 Days New”.  I decided to wait it out and see what happened as the day went along.

By late afternoon I was feeling better and began asking myself, “What’s new to do?” Within minutes, I came up with two or three options and settled on making some phone calls for my projects, one of which was completely out of my comfort range. My mission was accomplished – Day 9 commitment completed and even though it was not a miraculous cure for what was ailing me, it did make me feel better.

Day 9 Results – Sense of pride for not giving up. The knowledge that if I did have to skip a day for a more serious reason, I would know it and feel fine with that choice, but yesterday was not that day.

I also realized I liked doing “30 Days New” the second I accomplished a new “New” but beforehand the process can be frustrating. Short term discomfort for long term gain, I can live with that, especially since I posted publicly I was going to do it!  It’s become my personal marshmallow test.

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