What is the universe telling you???


Chicken SoupI enjoyed Jack Canfield’s “Chicken Soup” books for years, but only recently stumbled upon his self-help videos. I like his presentation style and his tips.

I am sharing this video because my life became richer and more rewarding when I began truly listening to the universe and my gut instincts.

Jack’s first (1:15) and fourth (6:01) tips resonated most deeply with me, as they mirror tips I used many years ago to change my life for the better. The full video is only 8:20 minutes long, so grab a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine, and sit back, relax and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. 




What do you think? Have you ever followed a sign from the universe? Did you ever ignore one, and wish you didn’t?

Comment below – we learn from each other and your experience just might be the sign someone else needs to move forward! Don’t be shy, share your thoughts!



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And, don’t forget,

“Your life is your once in a lifetime opportunity, what you do with it is up to you.” 

Patrice K. Robson

Day 9 of Oprah and Deepak’s Meditation 21 Day Series

Loving Oprah and Deepak’s Grace Through Gratitude 21-Day Meditation Series and allowing gratitude and grace to be a expanded part of each day.

Feeling greatful* for taking the time to slow down long enough to watch this guy in our backyard! He arrived early yesterday and spent the night! (*My version of the word “grateful” because that is how it makes me feel, GREAT!)

What is making you feel greatful these days?

In the series Oprah and Deepak remind us how good feeling gratitude feels! The changes to your heart and soul are life enhancing and can help you bring positivity and grace into your life.

Wishing you blue skies, sweet adventures and moments of heartfelt gratitude today and everyday.

Warm regards,


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