Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching

Hi, I’m Patrice Koerper Robson. 

I’m a unique personal and professional life change coach;

I help people who are ready to create positive change and growth in their lives.

Coaching means someone is in your corner, helping you be the best you, you can be.

Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you become happier and more relaxed, focused, creative and productive.


Patrice Koerper Robson, MSM, RCPV, Life Coach, Speaker

Wishful Thinking Works life coaching can improve your life!

I will coach and support you through a process of discovery to get you from “here” to “there”, no matter where your “there” is – emotional, educational, relationship, spiritual, personal or professional enhancement or growth.

We will spend time talking about you, and use that information to help you clarify and to focus on what you want to change or to be doing.

We are going to bring you and your dreams front and center in your life for you to fully explore, experience and enjoy.

Sound wonderful? Scary? Exciting?

It will be all of those and more.

You will become one of the few who climbed the mountain top.

It’s a challenge that will change you!

 Each week you will move closer to your goal, your dreams, and the life you really want.

Can you see the new you?

How much do you really want it?

 Call today: 813-719-0769.

Don’t wait another minute – your happiness and life are too precious to ignore.


The top five reasons to hire me as your coach.

5. I have the  training, background, and education to help you create the life you really want. I combine research and techniques from positive psychology and Appreciate Inquiry with my certified life coaching training.

4. I have been there, and have used the same research, principles, and ideas I share with you to change my life. Wishful Thinking Works!  (My personal growth journey led me around the world for work and adventures I never knew were possible. Scroll down to read more about my journey.)

3. Coaching clients, workshop participants and group members agree that Wishful Thinking Works changed their lives.

“Patrice… You were exceptional and all of the info reinforced what I knew & brought to light again!”

“Extremely powerful – pearls of wisdom galore on this one!! Thanks SO much Patrice!! Loved it!!”

“Thank you Patrice for organizing this and bringing these wonderful women together for some positive interactions. . . Great meeting! Looking forward to getting to know you all better! . . . As always, a great meeting!! Sooooooo glad to have Patrice back home here with us!! . . . This is a group that makes me feel good about myself. Appreciate everyone who attended . . .”

Scroll down to read more client comments.

2. You are worth it! You matter. It may be a stretch for you, but deep down inside you know you are worth it. You want and deserve something better. Lasting change is priceless, and Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you create it.

1. It is time to step into the new you. If you weren’t ready, you would not be here.

Coaching will last 9 weeks and costs only $900 to change your life!


Here’s what my coaching clients are saying . . .

“When I had the opportunity to have life coach Patrice (Wishful Thinking Works) work with me I had a goal in mind that I had tried to accomplish on my own, without much success, for years.  As we began our sessions the initial goal evolved into something that changed my life for the better! 

Patrice was very encouraging, but also asked the hard questions to reveal what my true desired result. Through weekly homework and life applied tools I realized that the issues I had always believed held me back were not as devastating as I perceived, and would no longer define me, that was my aha moment!   

I will definitely continue the road map that she has helped me develop in order to continue living my life with feistiness, purpose, passion and boldness!”     Ronnell M


“Patrice helped me to focus on a very basic idea that I had sort of lost sight of lately….SELF LOVE ! My close friends knew there had been some changes for me and could tell that I was being much more gentle on my SELF than in the recent past. Patrice, you have a beautiful positive and encouraging attitude about you. There was no messin’ around: the homework was great and I actually liked having a deadline.”   Nancy S.


“What I liked about my life coaching experience with Patrice was her ability to simplify the work we were doing. Sometimes we don’t recognize a behavior and life coaching brings light to the issues surrounding that behavior. Where Patrice’s skill lay, was as we found solutions, her clarity and ability to simplify the issues took away any resistance, and I could see the solutions for myself. Then implement them. It was an empowering 8 weeks.”    HN


 “I want to share my story with you in regards to the wonderful life coach I worked with. Her name is Patrice, just like mine.  Patrice helped me overcome my fear and do whatever needed to be done to move forward with my life.  I had homework every week to reinforce what I had learned.  It was so wonderful, I made leaps and bounds by working with her.

She is very passionate, helpful and a wonderful life coach. It was the best eight weeks I have ever spent in a learning and productive environment.

I recommend Patrice to anyone who wants to move on and create the life that they want.”   Patrice H. 

If you’ve been thinking about changing your life, but aren’t sure what you really want – Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you.

If you have a dream, but are stuck – Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you.

If you are tired of what you are doing, but don’t know how to change – Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you.

Wishful Thinking Works coaching is only $900 to and can change your life.

“If not you, who . . . if not now, when?”

Make the choice to change your life!

Call 813-719-0769 today.


Contact Wishful Thinking Works today:

If you are at a personal,  professional or spiritual crossroad , Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you determine your direction and path. If you are ready!


I combine positive psychology and Appreciate Inquiry research and techniques with my certified life coaching training to help people who are truly ready improve their well-being and to create the lives they really want.

Do you want  . . .

  • To solve a problem or deal with a dilemma in your life?
  • Develop more confidence, resiliency, creativity, and energy?
  • To find a new job, more fulfilling work, or more meaningful success?
  • A better education? A change of scene? A fresh start?
  • To earn more or spend less?
  • Better personal or professional relationships?
  • To be a better parent or spouse?
  • To be nicer, braver, stronger? To forgive or be forgiven?
  • Identify your dreams? Pursue them? Live them?

You want change, I know you do.

Wishful Thinking Works coaching works because it’s based on years of research and practice, and the sessions and exercises are customized for you. Your life can change. Through Wishful Thinking Works coaching you can key in on what really matters to you and how to achieve the results you want.

Each week you will move closer to your goal, your dreams, and the life you really want.

Call today: 813-719-0769.


Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching

Transform your life with 9 weeks of  Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching. The nine week period gives you the time you need to explore, experience, practice and proceed on the path of your choice.

Your life can be easier and more fulfilling and you can be happier, more productive and more confident. Personalized Wishful Thinking Works coaching can help you make the changes you need to create the life you really want.

During the 9 week coaching sessions, we will meet privately by phone or Skype for one hour each week. We will also be in contact at least once a week via email. All sessions and communications are completely confidential.

Change is possible. You can do it. Are you ready?

 Change your life; email me today: 


Or call at 813-719-0769.


 It’s time for your life to catch-up with your dreams. 

  Let’s do it! 



Contact Wishful Thinking Works today:




WTW Dandelion

Patrice’s Bio

Patrice Koerper Robson is a certified life coach and has a B.A. in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, and was awarded a special Psychology Prize,  Masters in the Science of Management: Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (MSM) with honors. 

From 2006-2009 Patrice was one of only 425 volunteers over the age of 50 serving worldwide in the United States Peace Corps. In addition to her primary Peace Corps assignment at the Municipality of Bitola in Macedonia, Patrice presented “Wishful Thinking Works”, change, and public relations workshops to Macedonians and Peace Corps Volunteers of varying ages and backgrounds. She returned to Macedonia annually from 2010-2013 to work on projects and present workshops.

As part of creating the life she really wants, Patrice also served two short-term assignments in the United States Peace Corps as a Response Volunteer in the Republic of Macedonia (2012-13) and the Republic of Georgia(2011-12). She is comfortable taking on challenges and adapting to change, and can help you adapt your life to your dreams.

From 2013-2015, Patrice was the Director of Corporate Training and Continuing Education at a community college in west Florida. Patrice is now living a entirely new  dream as she splits her time between Fort Myers Beach, Florida and Long Island, New York. In May of 2016, she and her new husband, headed to Macedonia and other European countries for a month long adventure.

Prior to serving in the Peace Corps, Patrice worked in public relations and training and development in business and not-for-profit organizations for 30+ years. She has extensive experience in new project and program development, as well.

WTW Dandelion

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