Patrice’s ability to blend her upbeat personality and perspective with her professional background and the latest positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry concepts in fun and interesting ways makes her an impressive and dynamic speaker for any event or conference.  
Patrice Koerper, MSM, RPCV, Life Coach, Speaker
She engages her audience with just the right combination of humor and information to inspire them to look at their lives through new lenses for a much brighter future. 

Patrice brings her unique experiences and perspectives to all her presentations:
  • She has gone where only 425 people over the age of 50 go each year: the United States Peace Corps, and can share first-hand how to adapt and thrive when facing seemingly overwhelming cultural, personal and professional challenges.
  • She has 25+ years in the fields of public relations, public speaking, management and training and development. She received numerous individual and team awards related to her public relations work.
  • She is an expert boundary spanner with years of successful experience in cultural, community and organizational cross-over situations.
  • She is a certified life coach, whose life, and the lives of her clients, have been enriched by listening to and supporting them as they deal with change and create personal and professional success.
  • Patrice holds a Masters in the Science of Management, MSM: Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness with honors, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Psychology.
  • She has received numerous individual and team awards related to her public relations work.
Patrice presents on a variety of personal and professional topics related to happiness and well-being and can customize topics to meet the needs of your business or organization.

Some Wishful Thinking Works Topics:

Sample presentations, many others, as well, and any can be customized or developed for your setting or organization.

  • Top 10 Positive emotions and what they can do for you
    • Exploration of Barbara Fredrickson’s Positive Psychology work on our Top 10 Positive Emptions
    • Tips and techniques for bring them in to you life.
    •  Individuals or staff
  • Finding More Meaning in Life
    • Why meaning matters
    • 5 steps for creating it in your life
    • Individuals
  • Happiness Is A Choice
    • Importance of being happy and how to develop that perspective
    • Individuals
  •  Twenty Questions that can change your life.
    • How to use questions to change your life for the better
    •  Examples and hands on exercises for change
    •  Individuals
  • Bounce-Backability: Growing Resiliency
    • How to use well-being research to make ourselves happier &  stronger and our lives better
    • Individuals – Perfect for women’s and health events and conferences
    • Business, not-for-profits, community
  • Happiness: A Leading Option
  • Why Happiness Matters in the Workplace  
  • Life is a marathon, not a sprint: Create the retirement life you really want  
    • Individuals, not-for-profits with clients 40+
    • Certified facilitator for the book: “Too Young To Retire”
  • Raising Resiliency in Your Organization
    • Understanding and applying positive psychology research organizationally
    • Helping managers and supervisors sustain and succeed
    • Business, government and not-for-profit trainings, events and conferences
  • Wishful Thinking Works: Create the life you really want
    • Individuals – Perfect for women’s events and conferences
    • Great for college students and young entrepreneurs, as well.
  • Peace Corps: An Adventure at Any Age
    • 14 years and up, great for 50+ groups
    • Patrice has first-hand experience as one of the 425 Peace Corps Volunteers over the age of 50, who serve worldwide each year.
    • Photos, displays, music  and personal experiences
  • Republic of Macedonia: From the Ottoman Empire to Yugoslavia to today.
    • Interesting and unique cultural, informational program
    • Photos, displays, music  and personal experiences
    • Patrice lived in Macedonia for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, 2006-2009. 

For more information about Patrice speaking at your next event: 


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