The energy and interaction 

in Wishing Thinking Works workshops 

are fantastic; the response and results are remarkable.


Wishful Thinking Works workshops are: 

  • Engaging and entertaining. 
  • Fast-paced and focused.
  • Hands on or off, depending on your needs and the environment.
  • We practicing what I speak throughout the presentation.
  • We use takeaways and throwaways to reinforce the messages.

Make your next workshop one that participants will enjoy, remember and use.

Patrice conducts small and large group Wishful Thinking Works workshops, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The choice of specific topic and setting are yours.

She can present one to two hours, half day, all day and multiple days. Multiple workshop sessions work extremely well with groups, especially those in transition or facing major changes.

Patrice is comfortable and successful presenting small, intimate workshops for 5-15 in your office or 100+ large workshops in conference or convention meeting rooms.

She’s presented in a variety of settings in the United States and in Southeastern Europe, and is open to working with you to create the right environment for you, your gathering, group or organization. Patrice conducts long distance and telephone conference workshops, as well.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. It was my first Meetup with this group and it certainly won’t be my last. Thank you Patrice for facilitating a truly life changing course.”  2016 The Joy Diet telephone conference participant

Here are some of Patrice’s favorite topics, but she can customize topics and content to meet your needs.

Sample Wishful Thinking Works Topics:

Wishful Thinking Works: Create the life you want.

  • Individuals – Perfect for women’s events
  • Great for college students, young entrepreneurs

What’s happiness got to do with it?   

What I learned from life coaching: 7 steps for more productive and successful managers and staff

  • Great for business, government and not-for-profit managers and supervisors

Happiness: a leading option

Life is a marathon, not a sprint: Create the retirement life you want.  

  • Individuals, not-for-profits with clients 40+
  • Staff heading to retirement
  • Certified facilitator for the book: “Too Young To Retire”

Happily ever after is an option.

  • The how to of happiness and life choices
  • Individuals  – Perfect for women’s events

Mind Mapping

  • A simple useful tool for brainstorming, dealing with change or planning.
  • Multi-mind maps are created, and related versions are demonstrated.

Moving Mountains with Networking

  • A deeper understanding of the human dynamics involved in meeting with and reaching out to others. I use cross cultural techniques and examples from my Peace Corps service and business success.

Additional and customized workshops are available.  

To talk with Patrice about presenting a workshop or check availability:


Or call, 813-719-0769.


Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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