Strengths Coaching

Patrice Koerper Wishful Thinking Strengths CoachingSTRENGTHS COACHING

Find our what is best and strongest in you!

Learn to grow with and through your character strengths.

Positive psychology research has identified 24 character strengths and developed successful ways for each of us to discover our top strengths. Identifying and developing these strengths can increase your happiness, well-being, vitality, and self-esteem and reduces stress in your personal and professional life.

Research shows the fastest and most fulfilling growth occurs when we focus and grow our strengths!

Certified life coach Patrice Robson will help you fully understand and successfully apply your character strengths by using her successful coaching experience, the internationally researched and accepted VIA PRO character report, and her VIA training. The VIA Institute on Character is a leader in the research and application of character strengths.

Strengths Coaching runs for 3 weeks.



Evening:         7:15pm or 8:15 pm (EST) sessions

Strengths Coaching includes:

  1. VIA Pro Service ($40 value)
  2. 45 minute telephone session each week for 3 weeks
  3. Customized, insightful, interesting, weekly discussions and assignments to focus and reinforce your strengths.

Strengths Coaching costs:

  • One-on-one coaching format is $199 for 3 weeks.
    • You will receive private phone strengths coaching  one-on-one with certified life coach Patrice Robson.
  • Small group coaching, 2-3 clients, is $129 per person for 3 weeks.
    • You will meet via conference call with certified life coach Patrice Robson and 1 or 2 other participants.
    • You may take part in small group Strengths Coaching with friends, family members, coworkers or Patrice will match you with other participants, if they are available for day and time you have selected.

Contact Patrice Robson today to register for your Strengths Coaching Sessions.

Reserve today; limited availability.

If you have questions about these Strengths Coaching sessions or would like to learn about customized Strengths Coaching for your organization, department, or team or for teachers, students, please email Patrice @ or call her at 813-719-0769.

Thank you!

PS For info on articles on Positive Psychology research related to Character Strengths click here.

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