When you are feeling low, here’s what you need to know.

girl-470690_960_720Most of us try to resist or ignore sad or fearful thoughts.

We deny them or try to talk ourselves out of feeling the way we already do. Or worse yet, we beat-up on ourselves for feeling what we are feeling.

If you want to release and reduce the intensity of feeling low, don’t resist fearful or sad thoughts – let them in and breathe deeply.

Doing so sounds counter intuitive, but you’ll be surprised how fast sad or upsetting thoughts fade when you simply let them in and admit you are afraid or feeling sad. (Works for jealousy and many other negative, nagging vibes, as well.)

Your body will respond by releasing the tension surrounding the thoughts. It’s as though your brain tells your body, “Whew, she’s finally listening to us, now we can relax.”
We all liked to be heard. Your brain and body are no different. Don’t try to outrun your feelings, they will just work harder to catch-up with you.

Let those pesky feelings in, and soon they will learn you can handle what they bring and they won’t have to work so hard to get your attention.

And, breathe.


Channel and soul searching

Fun to look back . . . five years ago and it still applies. Since I wrote this, I have returned to Europe a number of times, fell in love, married, traveled even more and spent time helping and reaching out to lots of folks throughout the years and along the way. Life is a fantastic reality show if you live it with meaning, fun, family and friends. Turn your channel surfing into some real life surfing, get off the couch and go!


Wishful Thinking Works: Create the life you really want


I’ve been channel surfing this week, and it got me thinking . . .

So You Think You Can Dance

If you had to “Dance for Your Life”, so to speak, what would you be doing?  If you had 30 seconds to WOW the world, what would you do?  How would you share your best?

What has been your shining moment so far? What’s made your heart race, your spine tingle and goosebumps grow? How would you choose to share the best of you with the rest of the world?


Expedition Impossible

Where do you want to go, and what do you want to do? Would you like to: Climb Everest? Sing on Broadway? Graduate Oxford or Le Cordon Bleu? Sip cappuccino in Italy, wine in France? Surf in Costa Rico? Swim the Channel?

What would be your perfect journey?  What would you be doing? What challenges and excites you? What would you like to accomplish that you haven’t…

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True peace of mind

True Peace of Mind The Meaning Project (2)

Free Virtual WTW Workshop, “Finding More Meaning in Your Life”

Wishful Thinking Works Meaning of Your Life (2)Do you feel that your life has purpose and meaning? Are you excited to get our of bed each morning?

Or, are you busy but not really satisfied with your life? Are you second guessing your career, your relationships, your life choices?  Are you wondering what to do next?

Studies show that those who are leading a purposeful life – live longer, are happier and experience a greater sense of resiliency and trust! I know my life did a 180 when I focused on what mattered, which led me in many new and rewarding directions.

Would you like to learn more about the concept of meaning, the role it plays in your life and how to find yours?

  • If so, join us on Wednesday, July 19 at 6:30 p.m to learn about the latest research on meaning and to take an individual survey to discover where you fall on the meaningful life scale. (Only you will know your score, unless you choose to share it!)

Taking the 3-5 minute survey can help you get started on your personal meaning journey. A few days before we meet I will send you the survey and we will score it at the end of our session.

Also before we meet, please read my Wishful Thinking Works post about PERMA (3 minutes), which describes a bit about purpose and then join us for a fun evening of insights and positivity! (Hint: Meaning is related to connectedness and relationship, but not necessarily how we may normally think about them.)

We will begin at 6:30 pm with a Welcome and Intros and then I will share on the topic for about 35-40 minutes followed by Q & A and survey scoring.

RSVP today!  I will email you details about joining our call by July 17.

Meaning matters and can enrich and expand your life!

Talk with you soon.

Warm regards,




Guided goodness – free meditation series

buddhist-481765_960_720If you have never tried meditating, or if you meditate and would like to add to your current practice, check out Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s upcoming, free 21-day meditation series.

I have used Oprah and Deepak’s meditations in the past, and they are guided goodness and a refreshing way to calm your mind and comfort your soul. Meditations are usually 15 minutes in length – a small amount of time that can yield big results.

  • There are thousands of studies showing the benefits of meditation.
  • You do not have to meditate for long periods to begin receiving the benefits.
  • Benefits include: reduced anxiety, easing pain, and improving sleep

To enrich your life and create new levels of awareness, insight and joy sign-up for their free meditation series, which begins Monday, July 17.

Then join the free  Wishful Thinking Works Meditation Facebook Group , which is designed to help you develop the meditation habit by

  • providing accountability – studies how this is key when developing any new habit,
  • to celebrate your successes – also so important when trying something new,
  • and to give you a place to share your thoughts and questions with others going through the same process.

It’s a virtual support group for your new journey!

meditation-567593_960_720The Wishful Thinking Works Meditation Facebook Group is open to everyone, it is listed as “closed” on FB, but that just means no one but members can see your posts. You have nothing to lose and so much gain.

Join us to find a bit more peace in your heart and happiness in your life. You deserve this and more, and it is all free!

Are you ready? Life could be better  . . . Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching

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My top 10 office summer boredom busters

colorful-1845938__340Getting into the swing of things mid-week can be difficult, especially mid-summer, and even more so after a major holiday, but no worries – I have solution.

Here is my sure-fire “bring-a-smile-to-your-face-and-creativity-to-your-day” list of silly summer things to do in the office. These mostly mental breaks can last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and will relieve boredom and reduce stress.  (They also work out of the office and with a few slight adjusts can work for all ages.)

(Gentle-warning: these can become seriously addictive and last a lifetime)

  1. Speak pig latin: not a good option for the boss, but after a moment’s pause you are sure to get a “milesay” or a “Igpay Atinlay” response from a co-worker.
  2. Walk backwards: a seriously good way to get you moving and thinking in a new direction (pun intended), and can be done discreetly in a closed hall, office or in the rest room :-). Even a few steps in the wrong direction can be fun.
  3. Water balloon fight: mentally fill and fling them around the office while filling your glass at the cooler or taking a swig from your water bottle.
  4. Egg toss: Same idea, except expand your mental picture a bit to include the grass you are standing on, the sun overhead and the response of the other participants as you smoothly move your arm back by your side to catch and gently cradle the egg, responding to their “ooohs”, “ahhs”, and “Way to go’s” with a small bow!
  5. Start a club: when we were kids we were forever creating clubs – real and imagined – and most of them were exclusive and developed to keep out bossy older sisters and brothers or neighborhood bullies.  Base yours on a favorite activity or secret desire.  Have fun with this Walter Mitty-style exercise – be creative and outrageous.
  6. Build a fort: One of our favorite summertime activities was hiking into the woods or one of our backyards to build the perfect fort; they never were and we always spent way more time building them than we ever did hanging out in them, but that never seemed to ruin the fun. This can be a strictly mental exercise, a simple trip down memory lane, or you can spend some time with paper clips, staples and recycled paper to see what you can come up with – this makes a great group activity/competition for the seriously relaxed office.
  7. Play ball: Baseball, kickball, soccer, badminton, tennis, jacks – whatever your game of choice – relive it.  Spend a few minutes hitting that home run, swinging that racket, or bouncing that ball.  Picture your crowning-glory moment or create the one you never had.
  8. Dive in: splash, swim, jump – when and where your cool body of water existed.  No watery memories to recall?  No problem, just turn on the mental sprinklers and run through the water for a moment.
  9. Quiet time: What were your favorite summer reads?  I spent hours in an army hammock in our back yard hiding from the world (and my 8 siblings), reading Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and any fairy tale I could get my hands on.  What were your favorites?
  10. Sleepovers or outs: Our childhood summers were filled with tent-filled nights and day and week-long overnights at cousins and family friends.  “Have pillow-will-travel” seemed to be our motto – and we loved it.  Take another trip down memory lane or plan the perfect camp-out, cottage-stay or hotel-hideaway with your kids, friends or lovers to break those summertime blahs.

Wow, what a great summer I just had! I went to my uncle’s swimming; to family reunions where water balloon and egg toss were serious sports, and into the woods to check out our fort and have a picnic lunch.  Then I read my books from the comfort of my imaginary new tree house, kicked the ball around the front yard, and showered myself with water balloons, and it’s not even 10 a.m.

Hope your summer sojourn went well, and that your desk looks a little less daunting and your day a bit brighter.

You can do it!

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Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching!

Create a new you or unearth the you, you used to be.

It’s effective and affordable, and you are worth it!

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Celebrate your personal Independence Day

Today is the 184 day of the year, which is just past the halfway point and time for my sixth annual post about YOU! 

Now is the perfect time to celebrate you and your life by creating your very own “Ta Da” list. 

The Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da” list is much more fun than a “To Do” list, because it’s for all the wonderful things you’ve already accomplished!

We are often way to hard on ourselves, not giving ourselves enough credit or kudos for all the things that are right with us and our lives. Make today your personal Independence Day by taking a moment to reflect what makes you and your life worthy of celebrating!

What have you accomplished this year that just six months ago seemed impossible or a distant possibility? (Feel free to include anything you have ever accomplished – this is the time to toot your horn.)

What new trails have you blazed?

What have you found the strength to face?

What promises have you kept?

What chances did you take?

What teeny, tiny or wondrously huge steps have you taken in the direction of your dreams?

I think that since folks will be celebrating this week with parties, picnics and pyrotechnics for the Fourth of July, it’s a fantastic time to combine our patriotic triumphs with our personal ones – and celebrate them all!

Start now to make this Fourth of July your personal Independence Day. Complete your “Ta Da” list to light-up your life by counting your successes.

Most of us spend way more time thinking about what we haven’t done, than what we have done. It’s time to change all that and make 2017 your year of the have’s not the have not’s

Celebrating success builds confidence and noting what is right in our lives makes us happier and more resilient. Go for it!

fireworks-180553__180Don’t be shy – this is the season for aiming high and lighting up the sky. List everything you have accomplished, big and small, and then, when you are watching “the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air” congratulate yourself on your 2017 accomplishments thus far, and all the exciting ones that lay ahead. Let those bright lights and loud booms ignite a sense of personal pride just for you.

To get started, click here for your free Wishful Thinking Works downloadable Ta Da List “.  Don’t forget to share with family and friends so they can begin celebrating, too. 

Have fun, and here’s to a perfectly positive Independence Day in 2017!


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