Macedonia is nestled in Southeastern Europe.
  I spent three wonderful years in the ancient, beautiful, mountainous country of Macedonia. I experienced amazing adventures of the heart and soul while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bitola, Macedonia’s second largest city, just 10 miles north of Greece. Thoughts of the people, the land, the food, and the wine are always with me. I am planning to return this year, and each after, with a few people, who are interested in the trip of a lifetime. We will spend time exploring mountains, villages and vineyards. I will be sharing my favorite places and people with them, and they will have lots of free time to create their own special moments and memories. If you would like to explore what Macedonia and a visit there has to offer you, please send me an email and I will let you know our plans. In 2011, I plan to offer week-long Wishful Thinking Works retreats in a rural village – the perfect place to get away from it all, and rediscover yourself. 
Vine-covered foothills of the Baba Mountains near Bitola, Macedonia.
Easy to see why I fell in love with this beautiful country, isn’t it?
From the hills near the village of Chaska, my first home in Macedonia.
This is where my “adoptive” Macedonian family lives, they were my Peace Corps host familyfor three months.
Bringing the flock in near the tiny village of Chaska.
Right after dawn and just before dusk, sheep are a common sight in the hills and mountains of Macedonia.
My home away from home in Dihovo, my favorite village in Macedonia.
This village near Bitola stole my heart.  This is the first B & B opened in Dihovo. I worked with the family, who are amazing!
The streets of Dihovo, Macedonia, my favorite village.
I love the houses and the streets.
Houses around the corner in Dihovo, Macedonia.
The colors and textures are so rich, and they way these homes hug the road always makes me wonder which came first!
Antique wagon at Villa Patrice, just like Ohio in the fall.
Villa Patrice was the second B & B to open in Dihovo.  Nevenka and Saso are so kind and generous, they named their B & B for me!
Pears from the tree at Villa Patrice in Dihovo, where my heart is.
The fresh fruit and vegetables in Macedonia are delicious.
Pears at night in Chaska, my first home in Macedonia. Photo courtesy of my wonderful friend, Malinda Antonik-Borgner.
Bear with me, I am a foodie and these photos touch my soul!
Cabbage, the lettuce of Macedonia.

Cabbage is eaten daily and even though lettuce is available, fresh cabbage soon became my salad of choice.  The cabbage is mild flavored, almost sweet, and, of course, has tons of vitamins! 

And, what you cannot pick, you can easily buy at the "pazzar" (market).

Tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions and white salty, sharp cheese cut into chunks and drizzled with light oil and vinegar with a sprinkling of salt and pepper easy and delicious Macedonian salad. 

Inexpensive, fresh ingredients for those perfect "salatas".
Mmm, mmm, good – the perfect combination. 
Ruby red, and oh so sweet.

About this time, I have to remind myself I am planning to walk home, hmm, maybe a taxi is in order.

Flowers in every market and every yard!

Always my last stop of the day.

For more photos of Macedonia, click here.


  1. Hello again Patrice,
    I live in Macedonia, working in a Macedonian TV and I was doing a TV documentary serial
    “Around Macedonia”, traveling around the country as a director and scriptwriter with a TV crew.
    Have a nice time, hope we will see each other when you come again…



    • Hi Kamelia,

      Getting together sounds great, I hope to return in mid-April next year and stay for a few months with, bringing American tourists with me. Is “Around Macedonia” available online, I saw a 3.40 minute video with that title on You Tube.




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