Wishful Thinking Works Worksheets




I originally designed the Wishful Thinking Works (WTW) life change sheets for my workshops, but they are great to use on your own, as well.

Pick the sheet that works best for you, then go for it!

Getting Started

The WTW Building Block, WTW Exploring Options, and WTW Paths are great for brainstorming, designing your future, goal planning or old-fashioned doodling and daydreaming. They’re an easy, fun way to get your thoughts on paper. They look simple, but are designed with two specific thoughts in mind:

  1. To make brainstorming less daunting – since there is something already on the paper in front of you, brainstorming may be easier because you are filling in spaces or rounding out an idea, not staring at a blank page.
  2. To jump start your brain. When you look at a game board you immediately begin trying to figure out “Where do I start?” and “Where does the game end?” The WTW sheets can have the same effect on your brain. They may instill a “How do I make this happen?” mindset, which means your brain is engaged before you even start writing!

Get started today creating the life you really want with Wishful Thinking Works free change sheets!


The WTW Mind-Map can be used in the same way as the forms noted above, and is another great tool, but you will be starting with a blank page and adding the lines and thoughts as you go.

I completed a WTW Exploring Options SAMPLE for you. I used a project I started as Macedonian Monthstays: Enjoying Europe as it used to be, which later became Experience Macedonia. When I began the project, the idea was nothing more than what some people might call a “pipe dream’, but these forms and mind-mapping helped me develop my idea into a successful venture. I used the WTW worksheets to get a better understanding of how I wanted the trip to look and feel and to layout the challenges and obstacles that might arise. The sample is a first draft, which led to many other drafts and later to a detailed plan. My first and very successful tour took place in the fall of 2010 – none of my guests wanted to leave and they would all like to return.

The WTW Honest Assessment is an easy to use daily or weekly checklist to keep you on your path. (Oh, and don’t forget to be honest.) I included a WTW Blank Honest Assessment for you to customize with activities you would like to focus on.

Another great worksheet is your very own “Ta Da” sheet. Use it often and wisely, it can be a powerful tool – if you let it! Click here to read the Wishful Thinking Works post about it.

Hope these sheets help your dreams come true, too. If they are not your “cup of tea” – no problem – simply create brainstorming tools that work for you. Whatever you do, don’t give up on developing your dreams.



Please print these forms and write your thoughts in the blank geometric spaces.

WTW Mind-Map

WTW Building Blocks

WTW Exploring Options

WTW Exploring Options SAMPLE

WTW Paths

These forms were developed to bring you awareness and clarity:

WTW Honest Assessment

WTW Blank Honest Assessment

WTW  Your Personal “Ta Da” List

The Right Questions by Debbie Ford

Enjoy, and please let me know how they work for you in the comments section. 

 If you have questions, email me @ wishfulthinkingworks@gmail.com

WTW Dandelion

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