Love makes the world go round, in ways we never dreamed of . . .

Valentine’s Day is over, but don’t give up on love!

Check out positive psychology researcher Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D.’s new book, “LOVE 2.0” it’s about the moments  – and the science behind them  – that connect us to each other.  Patrice Koerper  Speaker Wishful Thinking Works Love 3

Significants↔Strangers. Family↔Friends. Companions↔Colleagues.

According to Fredrickson, love is the most rewarding form of positivity and doesn’t require a soul mate to experience! Romance is just one form of love, the others can be just as rich and rewarding and are replenishable.

Love has no expiration date!

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GIGO is an acronym in the computer field that means if you, the operator, puts “bad” or inaccurate data into a computer, the computer will release “bad” or inaccurate data out. GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out; a computer processes what you give it, nothing more.

I think life is like that, too. If we put garbage into our lives or into ourselves, that is what we get back. You see, I believe we can’t receive what we don’t already have or share. Huh? Well, if we lack or do not share kindness, generosity or love, I believe we will find it difficult to receive those gifts or their benefits, and that when they are offered or presented to us, we won’t be able to recognize, accept or experience them.

I find that when I’m feeling misunderstood or I think that others are being unkind, I’m always better off looking inside myself before I respond or criticize. When I take the time to ask myself, if my heart is full or if I’m feeling happy and fulfilled – before questioning or complaining about the actions or motives of others – I end-up feeling better and the situation works out better in the long run. An added bonus is that when I feel better, the world becomes a better place, and I find it easier to create the life I want. 

Taking a few seconds to question my state of mind immediately shifts my perspective and helps me focus my attention where it can do me the most good – on myself and what I can change. 

So, that’s what I’ve been thinking about this week. Nothing too profound or original, but something I try to remember and act on daily. I don’t accomplish my goal as often as I would like, but I’m working on it.

I truly believe GIGO, but prefer to put a positive spin on it: Kindness in, kindness out. Love in, love out. I call it “KIKO-LILO”, which now that I think about it, could be an acronym for happiness. Well, not exactly an acronym, but I think you know what I mean . . .

Have a great weekend.

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