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“The flip side of wanting something involves doing something.”

P. Koerper, 8/29/2011

Yes, I am quoting myself, again, but I can’t help it. You see, one week from today, I will be starting a bit of an adventure . . .

First stop the ancient, beautiful, mountainous, country of Macedonia, where I lived and worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) from 2006-2009. I will be visiting my warm and wonderful Macedonian friends and presenting a two-day seminar related to a project I worked on as a PCV. I will also be doing some Wishful Thinking Works presentations, some coaching and hosting an American traveler, who heard me talk about Macedonia at a library presentation this year and decided she wanted to check out this great little country while I am there. (She’s very cutting-edge, Macedonia was one of CNBC – Top 10 Travel Picks for 2011. Plan to join me there next year.)


Second stop, the Republic of Georgia, where I’m scheduled to head to in September or October for a three-month assignment as a Peace Corps Response Corps Volunteer!  Needless to say,  I’m excited about both journeys!

I’m updating you on my plans because they relate to the Wishful Thinking Works blog in two ways:

1. I’ll be blogging on Mondays about Wishful Thinking Works topics, and hopefully once a week about Macedonia and later Georgia. I will have great internet connectivity in Macedonia and should have same in Georgia, but if miss a post or two, please know it is all part of the adventure. And, I do apologize for missing or posting late, lately, but between Peace Corps requests and requirements and my personal procrastination for gathering or submitting paperwork, I fell a bit behind. (Did you know that rabies shots haven’t been given in the belly for more than 20 years, and there are only a series of three, not the twenty or so rumored in my youth? I learned that first-hand/arm this month.)

2. The second way my travels relate to Wishful Thinking Works is they truly are part of my creating the life I really want. Reconnecting with friends, finding new ways to live and share what I’ve learned throughout my career and through creating Wishful Thinking Works, learning more new things, and being a part of Peace Corps is important to me, and help me flourish. I like that.

That said, it is always hard to leave friends and family behind, to picture the holidays with new faces instead of familiar ones, and to challenge myself in different ways, but the flip side of wanting something involves actually doing something. So I’m packing my bags, thankful that the Internet makes connecting in so many ways so easy and I’m heading back out the door knowing exciting experiences, friends, and tales to be told are waiting for me.

If you don’t hear from me until next week, I’ll be saying good-bye to folks I love and trying to stuff five months of cooler weather clothes into two suitcases.

Talk to you soon.


PS Here is a short video about a PCV in Georgia. Looks like I will be comparing Georgian wine to Macedonian wine soon, I like that, too. (Always remember – part of flourishing is having fun!)



  1. Patrice:

    I would rather be with you but for now, I would enjoy hosting a monthly Saturday AM meetup at the coffee shop. Just fill me in with the details if you consider me.

    Blessings, Joan Willoughby


  2. So you inspired me to the life I have always wanted. I realized no one would hand it to me …wishing and dreaming needed to progress to actually doing something about it. 1 month later my house is packed and my husband and I will embark on the next adventure of a lifetime, 9-15-2011 is a big day for us. Will be toasting each other and a toast to you dear friend and mentor. While I am not able to yet go to Macedonia with you and enjoy that red is on my new list of dreams…Diane Berry Purser


  3. Very inspiring, Patrice! Have a wonderful time, as I know you will. And thanks for taking us on your adventure through your blog!


  4. Safe travels to you and live every moment to its fullest. Make sure to write about it all so that I can imagine I’m there and include pictures too please! I can’t wait for the day that my husband and I are able to travel, make new friends, and see the wonders beyond Ohio.


    • Patrice! Congratulations on this step! Its fantastic and I am truly wishing I were in your shoes! Awesome! I want more details – loved the link with the volunteer and the Georgian wine project . All the very very very best. Today was meant to be the first day of school (surprise to me, Parsons rehired me) but the post-tropical storm addled populus is still coming out – to a stunning Monday morning, I would add. Hurray for it all! You inspire me!


      • Hi Mary,

        You inspired me! Your Response Corps assignment, led the way, I’m just following your lead. Miss you and was looking at a PC photo of you, Dao, Troy and Ben in Chaska. Great memories.

        I’ll send you some info about Georgia.



    • Thank you, Crystal. You are totally awesome, and always remember life is a marathon not a sprint. It took me forever to learn that, you are way ahead of me – I promise!


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