A little help from our friends

I blog on WordPress. I love it; it’s free and easy to use.

They offer lots of options and support such as, their new initiative for 2011 POSTADAY/POSTAWEEK, which offers bloggers ideas for daily posting topics and lots of great blogging tips, but best of all they connect bloggers to each other.

Connecting is important, and having a support system is a good idea for any change or new undertaking in our lives.

I officially joined POSTAWEEK today. I took my good ol’ time doing it; the program began January 1, but since I’ve been posting at least once a week for almost a year, I figured there was no need for me to join. I was wrong. The emails I signed-up for have been helpful and fun, the connections I have made are much appreciated, and well, it is time to give credit where credit is due. 

So, when you see the “postaweek2011” tag on one of my posts, you will know that in some way the idea for that day’s post started with an email or some other form of inspiration from WordPress. 

We all need a little help from our friends. Sargent Shriver, who passed away last week and was the first director of the Peace Corps and of many other life-changing social programs once said:

Nearly everybody in their life needs someone to help them. I don’t care whether you’re the greatest self-made man; the fact is, someone has helped you along the way.”

Why not take some time this weekend to connect or reconnect with someone, who has helped you?  Give them a call or send them a card or email to say thank you.

Or, reach out to someone, who could use a bit of support, and if that someone turns out to be you, ask for help.

I’ll go first . . . thank you WordPress, Sargent Shriver, and all of you, who read my blog. I appreciate it. Thanks for your comments and “likes”, and I hope you’ll continue to encourage me along my “postaweek2011” way.

Have a great weekend.

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