Stop, Drop, Review and then Roll

Stop, Drop and Roll

Stop, Drop and Roll, redux

I missed posting Friday, and I hate to admit it, but don’t think I will make it today either. 

Life and the reasons are all good, beginning with a wonderful just-finished vacation I am calling the “Reunion Tour” and a slack-cutting approach to life re-developed on that vacation.

I promise to get my act together by Wednesday. For now, I have decided to re-post my June 16 post “Stop, Drop and Roll”, because I enjoyed writing it originally; found it rings true no matter the day or date and I still find it amusing and insightful. (Oh, wait, can I say that if I wrote it?  I guess summer vacations make me more likely to slack-off and to allow my sassy-side to show. I like that.)

Hope your summer is just as sweet and satisfying!

Stop, drop and roll

Something happened to me this week that reminded me just how much happier I am when I realize that  – sometimes – the lenses I use to see things and the filters through which I experience them can be a bit cloudy.

And, those clouds can get into my eyes and my sweet little soul, and distort my views and my experiences.

And, pausing for a moment or even a split second to take-off my emotional lenses and clean them or to shake-out my mental filters to freshen them – is a good idea.

So, to remind myself to take a reflective approach I have learned to stop, drop and review my responses and reactions before I let them roll, which has greatly reduced the number of fires in my life and the time and energy I have to spend putting them out.

I like that.

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