Out of the minds of babes


I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a special art show in the heart of Tbilisi this weekend, featuring the work of some very talented youngsters, who had been asked to share their artistic views on the environment. Their paintings were amazing and their messages colorful and concise.  

The kids get it – our environment and how we treat it matters, which was the overall message of the project. Their art depicts the individual and global  impact our actions make on the environment. The fact that they had fun creating their paintings, that the paintings turned out to be fantastic, and that the students received well-deserved recognition through the project, was as sweet as the icing on the delicious cake they served us!  

Make sure you check out the last photo; it is a cryptically beautiful reminder for each of us to do all we can before it is too late.

I love the messages along the bottom of the painting.

There were 70 paintings displayed in the art gallery of a beautiful hotel in the center of Tbilisi. The room was filled with happy kids and proud parents. The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment Protection, which is where I’m assigned as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer.

The talent and insight of children never ceases to amaze me, the kids captured some really special moments and messages with their well-placed brush strokes. These are just a sampling of their work.

Each of the students who participated received certificates presented by the Deputy Minster of Environment Protection and a t-shirt designed by the sponsoring organizations.

I love that art allows their environmental messages to shine through no matter the differences in language and culture. 

I swear, no one at the exhibit looked like they could have been the subjects of the following paintings; be prepared to smile. I’m sure the kids’ parents and grand parents enjoyed the way their offspring portrayed them . . .


This is the Peace Bridge, which connects the left and right banks of the Kura River in Old Tbilisi.

The last two paintings offer particularly poignant perspectives.

Let me know your thoughts and favorites . . . 

2 Responses to “Out of the minds of babes”

  1. Patrice Says:

    Hi Marci,
    Believe it or not, the kids are 4-12! When I saw the paintings I though they were done by older kids. Excellent art ability for kids so young. Love all the colors, too.

  2. Marci Says:

    I like the lady trying to fan off her hairy husband with fans that aren’t plugged in. I especially like her earrings and how they depicted the hair on the man. too funny. What age group is this?

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