New Year Meaningful Musings

I hope 2018 is particularly meaningful for you. I am presenting on the topic today so it is close to my heart and always on my mind.

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Capture what truly mattered in 2017

notebook-731212__180As the New Year rolls around it is way too easy to get bogged down in what we didn’t accomplish or do this year and to start making long lists of what we need to do in the 2018.

I think a much more rewarding way to start the New Year is to remember how wonderful you are by creating your personal WTW “Ta Da” List 2017.

I created the list years ago for a Wishful Thinking Works post and I use it twice a year to remind myself of all the good things – big or small – that have happened or that I have accomplished. Focusing on the positives and growth in our life is a great motivator and provides a stable foundation for future plans.

Why not use New Year’s Eve to celebrate you and what you have done instead of worrying about what you didn’t do?

Even if 2017 was your toughest year yet, you survived, and that is worth celebrating.

champagne-584072_960_720If you are alone on New Year’s Eve, embrace it!

Buy some bubbly, treat yourself to food you love, pop in a movie, read a good book or soak in a luxurious bath and savor being you.

Some of my best New Year’s Eves were spent alone – outdoors, reflecting on all the good things in my life. I sipped something wonderful, tasted something delicious and savored the moments.

As the New Year dawns, don’t worry about what’s next, just enjoy what is. You made it this far in life and have so much more to look forward to.

Happy New Year!


FREE Group Meditation on the Beach

Earlier this month, I participated in the insightful and inspiring Mindfulness in America summit in New York City hosted by Anderson Cooper.

The benefits of meditation on our brains and our stress levels are well-documented in the scientific community. One of the seminar participants noted that even 8 minutes a day has immediate results, and over time will leave a positive, lasting impact on our brains.

One of the topics they discussed was the value of group meditation.  An organization called “The Big Quiet” is flourishing in New York City and their success motivated me to start a monthly Fort Myers Beach meditation for Wishful Thinking Works.  If you are in the area join us, if not check out this virtual meditation event!

We are gathering Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 9:30 am by Pincher’s Restaurant on Fort Myers Beach, FL.

How to participate:

• Bring a towel or blanket and an open heart and mind. If you prefer a chair and coffee, no problem, but still bring that open heart and mind! Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend or two.

• Head to Pincher’s Restaurant on Fort Myers Beach. There should be plenty of parking on a Sunday morning at this time of year.

• Then walk across the beautiful, soft sand to the water’s edge. I will be waiting for you.

• After a welcome and introductions, we will sit quietly together looking out at the sea for 20 minutes.  We will do 10 minutes of a guided meditation and 10 minutes on Individual.

• Afterwards, folks can share about the experience and talk a bit.

• If you like we can head to the restaurant for coffee or breakfast, or simply sit longer on the beach, or head home

Until then . . . here are some meditation links from “The Big Quiet” to get you started. This 5-minute mini-meditation is a gentle way to begin. 

Also, check out the Wishful Thinking Women FREE 21-day Virtual Meditation Meetup activity that begins October 30.

Join us to find a bit more peace in your heart and relaxation and happiness in your life.



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62 days until Christmas, and I have a plan

IMG_4405Call me crazy, but I am one of those people who don’t mind that Christmas decorations and gift ads are popping up in stores and online. In fact, I love it.

I believe that happy is happy, and if seeing winter decorations and thinking about gift ideas makes people happy, go for it.

Connecting people to positive feelings isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it is exactly what our brains need. Knowing that peppermint lattes will soon be available everywhere warms my heart, and I don’t even drink them. They are just another part of the cozy feeling I get as the thermometer drops and the days get shorter. But, the true benefit of these sweet thoughts is the powerful punch of positive chemicals they release in my brain.

I don’t believe the problem is that we are bombarded with holiday “trappings” earlier and earlier, to my way of thinking, if there is a problem at all, it is that we don’t realize that we can only feel “trapped,” if we let ourselves.

Early exposure to the holidays does not have to reduce the fun and holidays themselves don’t have to equal stress, nor do bad holiday memories have to predict similar ones in the future. Except in extreme situations, we get to decide how our holidays unfold.  I know this to be true first-hand. Letting go of past hurts and trying times can be difficult, but creating and then letting new experiences gain top-billing in your mind is worth the effort, and so much more rewarding.

On the flip side, for those who love the holidays, you can let yourselves feel the same joy that special treats and trimmings bring at any time of the year. The misty-eyed, fuzzy feelings the holidays evoke can be found in any moment we choose, all we have to do is zero in on the beauty or joy around us and there we are smack dab in the middle of wonderful – even without the Hallmark version of a snow-filled screen, china and crystal table settings or a not so surprising reconnection with the love of our lives!

You have 62 new and potentially wonderful days ahead to embrace or ignore the holiday season. The choice is yours; do what makes you feel good about yourself and the world around you.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. If you think it is too early for tinsel and lights, don’t let seeing them rile you. They are not worth the negative energy.
  • Yes, retailers want to get you in the mood to buy, but instead of focusing on their motives, and feeling trapped, think about the jobs that holiday sales sustain and create, and always remember no one but you makes the final purchasing decision. Not buying big or for as many people may be a change for you and your usual recipients, so let family and friends know ahead of time that you are cutting back, and then stick to your plan.

2. If you are all in, go for it. Enjoy and savor every special moment and feeling the holidays bring large and small.

3. To prevent any post-holiday blues, remember that those same rich and wonderful feelings can be felt throughout the year. Start now to connect to the joys of everyday life, focus on gratitude and learn to savor past and present moments that bring you good feelings to get in the habit of happiness.

Here’s to your best holiday season ever, however you choose to celebrate it.

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Want more creativity, courage or confidence?

A beautiful young college student writing on a notebook outdoorGet started today creating the life you really want with FREE, life-enhancing, soul-searching Wishful Thinking Works worksheets.

Use them for brainstorming, dealing with life changes large and small, writers block, and planning and creating the life you really want!

They can broaden your horizons, relieve stress, build your confidence, increase your creativity and help you envision a brand new future.

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Pay attention to what jumps out at you when use or review the sheets. Try using them weekly or monthly to discover patterns or themes in your responses that may lead you down new paths.

Enjoy and let me know your results.

Caring along with you,





My top 10 office summer boredom busters

colorful-1845938__340Getting into the swing of things mid-week can be difficult, especially mid-summer, and even more so after a major holiday, but no worries – I have solution.

Here is my sure-fire “bring-a-smile-to-your-face-and-creativity-to-your-day” list of silly summer things to do in the office. These mostly mental breaks can last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and will relieve boredom and reduce stress.  (They also work out of the office and with a few slight adjusts can work for all ages.)

(Gentle-warning: these can become seriously addictive and last a lifetime)

  1. Speak pig latin: not a good option for the boss, but after a moment’s pause you are sure to get a “milesay” or a “Igpay Atinlay” response from a co-worker.
  2. Walk backwards: a seriously good way to get you moving and thinking in a new direction (pun intended), and can be done discreetly in a closed hall, office or in the rest room :-). Even a few steps in the wrong direction can be fun.
  3. Water balloon fight: mentally fill and fling them around the office while filling your glass at the cooler or taking a swig from your water bottle.
  4. Egg toss: Same idea, except expand your mental picture a bit to include the grass you are standing on, the sun overhead and the response of the other participants as you smoothly move your arm back by your side to catch and gently cradle the egg, responding to their “ooohs”, “ahhs”, and “Way to go’s” with a small bow!
  5. Start a club: when we were kids we were forever creating clubs – real and imagined – and most of them were exclusive and developed to keep out bossy older sisters and brothers or neighborhood bullies.  Base yours on a favorite activity or secret desire.  Have fun with this Walter Mitty-style exercise – be creative and outrageous.
  6. Build a fort: One of our favorite summertime activities was hiking into the woods or one of our backyards to build the perfect fort; they never were and we always spent way more time building them than we ever did hanging out in them, but that never seemed to ruin the fun. This can be a strictly mental exercise, a simple trip down memory lane, or you can spend some time with paper clips, staples and recycled paper to see what you can come up with – this makes a great group activity/competition for the seriously relaxed office.
  7. Play ball: Baseball, kickball, soccer, badminton, tennis, jacks – whatever your game of choice – relive it.  Spend a few minutes hitting that home run, swinging that racket, or bouncing that ball.  Picture your crowning-glory moment or create the one you never had.
  8. Dive in: splash, swim, jump – when and where your cool body of water existed.  No watery memories to recall?  No problem, just turn on the mental sprinklers and run through the water for a moment.
  9. Quiet time: What were your favorite summer reads?  I spent hours in an army hammock in our back yard hiding from the world (and my 8 siblings), reading Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and any fairy tale I could get my hands on.  What were your favorites?
  10. Sleepovers or outs: Our childhood summers were filled with tent-filled nights and day and week-long overnights at cousins and family friends.  “Have pillow-will-travel” seemed to be our motto – and we loved it.  Take another trip down memory lane or plan the perfect camp-out, cottage-stay or hotel-hideaway with your kids, friends or lovers to break those summertime blahs.

Wow, what a great summer I just had! I went to my uncle’s swimming; to family reunions where water balloon and egg toss were serious sports, and into the woods to check out our fort and have a picnic lunch.  Then I read my books from the comfort of my imaginary new tree house, kicked the ball around the front yard, and showered myself with water balloons, and it’s not even 10 a.m.

Hope your summer sojourn went well, and that your desk looks a little less daunting and your day a bit brighter.

You can do it!

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Create a vision for your future

“So relaxing and inspiring”

“Fun…made me remember things that I always wanted to do, but forgot about them!”

“Wow, fun and surprising, new ideas popped up.”

Wishful Thinking Women were busy capturing their dreams on vision boards at a gathering earlier this week. I have created many over the years.  They have never failed to inspire me, and I believe they have helped my future far exceed my dreams.

VB April 2017 2 (2)

VB 2017 April (2)

VB April 2017 1 (2)

The “best” vision board is the one you create for yourself! Get busy this weekend capturing your future. It’s easy – all you need is poster board, magazines, scissors, glue and your dreams!

Think about how you want your life to look and feel – and then cut and paste your vision. Keeping it front and center in your life over the next few weeks, month or years will increase the likelihood that your dreams will come true – all it takes is you!

Wishful Thinking Works Vision Boarding tips:

  1. Gather all of your supplies in one place – make sure you have room to spread out.  A variety of magazines works best, but even if you only have a few, go for it.
  2. Set the mood. Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, play the music of your choice – this is a great time for new age or classical, but go with what works best for you.
  3. Sit quietly for a moment and take some deep breaths. Say a few positive, comforting phrases to yourself such as:.  “The future of my dreams is waiting for me.”  “How do I want it to look and feel?”  “I am excited about what lies ahead for me.”
  4. And, then go for it! Don’t censor yourself. If something catches your eye, cut it out. You can figure out how it “fits” later.
  5. Once you have a big stack of pictures and words, begin arraigning them on your board. (Dollar Stores sell the thicker foam core poster board for only $1!
  6. Toss anything you cut out that no longer appeals to you – no regrets – we are creating a future that excites and delights you! You are in charge.
  7. Begin gluing the pieces down when you like the arrangement. Nothing has to be perfect here, have fun with it. (You can always create a new board, in fact I recommended doing at least one vision board a year to keep your ideas fresh and flowing, your motivation strong and your inspiration growing. In times of change, try doing one every 3 months or so.)
  8. When you have finished review your board. Create a story for your future, including all the pieces and parts you have captured. Share the story with yourself, as though you are talking to a friend and you have already accomplished everything on the board. Don’t skip this step – no matter how silly it sounds to be taking to yourself – it is key and helps you and your brain truly buy into and reinforce your dreams.

“I just took the trip of a lifetime . . . My new job is amazing . . . I can’t believe I am already done with college/the book/the move . . . This move was the best idea I ever had, I love . . . I feel so much more relaxed now that I am . . . I cannot believe how quickly the pounds came off when I . . . It was hard, but I feel so much better now that I have . . .”

The options are endless and just like your future – the choices are yours.

The future you truly want is waiting for you.  Have fun creating it.

You can do it!

Are you ready? Life could be better  . . . Wishful Thinking Works Life Coaching

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