“Magnify the Moment and the Joy” A mini-retreat on the beach!

Join us on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 9am-12:30pm on at the Wyndham Garden Hotel on Fort Myers Beach for a joyful look at creating the life you really want

If you are ready to tweak the life you’re living or create a brand new one – this workshop is perfect for you!  It’s never too early or too late to create change in your life – do not miss out on this hands-on opportunity to learn and laugh with like-minded Wishful Thinking women. (I call it a mini-retreat because it is on the beach!)

1-1255945040qqxmDiscover how to turn your thoughts and your life around. Get help identifying your dreams and truly believing they were meant for you!

It will be wonderful! You will leave feeling refreshed and energized and ready to grow!

To learn more about my journey, training and background, and how I know Wishful Thinking Works please explore my blog! There are more than 400 posts waiting for you!  I have given similar workshops here in Florida, in Ohio and abroad and have presented hundreds of other workshops, seminars and trainings.

Wear your flip flops, bring a friend and join the fun! This mini-retreat on the beach is only $55!

If you would like to join us, contact me for further information at wishfulthinkingworks@gmail.com or at 813-719-0769.

Hope to see you there!

Warmest regards,


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