Fall is the time for awakening or realizing dreams

The subtle changes in the weather delight me most.

Autumn has a way of making each of us imagine we are the first to notice the changes it brings, or that the awareness is a private joy, like a new love or a special gift just for us. We embrace the change, assuming no one has ever felt exactly like this before, or that we are special.

And, yet as the day unfolds we realize everyone is talking about the change in weather. We quickly come to understand that others are noticing the changes in the air, the dusty, drier scents and the way the light softens and takes on a golden hue, but instead of being disappointed that others are enjoying the same sensations we are – as we might feel while competing for the same person’s attention or the disappointment that the gift received was given to others, as well, – autumn has a way of making us excited that we will have others to celebrate with.

The change of season hold gifts for all of us.

Explore and enjoy all the ideas, tastes, and plans that pop-up in the weeks ahead. Eat the chili, bake the pie, watch the game, spend time strolling through the woods, or sitting by the fire, pick the apples, meander through the booths at the fairs, and take time to listen to the whispers of your heart that might have been drowned-out by the heat and activities of summer.

Now is it the time to take a deep breath, renew your spirit and follow the path that will light up your life.

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