Free Discovery Session


Welcome to Wishful Thinking Works! Congratulations on moving forward with your dreams and the change and challenges in your life! 

To schedule your free Wishful Thinking Works Discovery Session call me at 813-719-0769, email me @, or complete the form below. (No worries, your  name will not be added to any lists.)

We will spend 45 minutes talking together by phone, FT, Zoom or Skype and exploring the changes you want to make in your life.

I am paying it forward with these sessions. No charge. No obligation. Good old-fashioned FREE.  I used to Life Coach, now I focus on programs, workshops, and speaking engagements. But the FREE Discovery Sessions are my way of simply helping you and paying forward all the good things in my life.

Your FREE Discovery Session is completely confidential.

Warm regards,

Patrice Robson

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