“Strengths Group Workouts – for your life”

Girls with Heads Together Hugging

It’s time to start working out – your life!

Wishful Thinking Works personalized “Strengths Group Workouts for your life” are an inexpensive fantastic, fun way to exercise your and your friend’s happiness muscles!


Personalized WTW Strengths Group Workouts can meet in different Tampa, Florida neighborhoods or developments during the day or evening, if you gather the guests, and host in your home or a location near your neighborhood for coffee.

Wishful Thinking Works Strengths Workouts are always upbeat and positive, and a great way to build a new outlook on life!

“WTW Strengths” gatherings are $25 for each guest, minimum of 5 guests, plus hostess, who is free. (Minimum $125 per one hour gathering ). If your group would like, WTW Strengths Workouts can be repeatedly monthly or weekly, rotating hostesses.

Discover new ways to bring fun, flow, and fulfillment into your life.

Don’t delay. Think of all the time and money you spend on physical exercise activities, equipment, and clothes. Isn’t it time to get the inner you in shape?

Via Phone or Skype:

If you and your friends or family are scattered across the country or the world, no problem; Wishful Thinking Works “Strengths Workouts for your life” can also be conducted via phone or Skype.

Just gather together once a month (or weekly) for a telephone session for only $100 per hour, maximum of 4 participants per hour.

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