A question a day.

Here is the magic question:

Are you ready?

Just checking.

It’s big and magic and all that, so I want to give it the proper fanfare.

Okay, here goes . . .

“What one thing can I do today to bring more joy into my life?”

Now, now, do not turn away with a “bah humbug” like thought, or an oh, so cynical and yet, still somewhat appealing to mutter – “whatever”.

Instead, be happy and start this question-a-day habit.

“What one thing can I do today to bring more joy into my life?”

Find the perfect time to ask yourself this free, awe-inspiring, life-enhancing, 14-word question.

  • right before you get out of bed each morning;
  • when you are brushing your teeth;
  • checking yourself out in the mirror 
  • or with your first cup of coffee – it’s up to you.

“What one thing can I do today to bring more joy into my life?”

The magic question is perfect: It is beautiful in its simplicity; one-size-fits all and it never wears out.  Please feel free to share it with those you love. It makes a perfect birthday gift!

“What one thing can I do today to bring more joy into my life?”

And, it’s oh, so cozy and sweet as bed-time talk with kids.

For bedtime please substitute “tomorrow” for “today” as you are tucking them in.

Be ready to relax and spend a few minutes listening to the interesting stories and ideas they will come up with – just let them flow, eventually they will get to something specific and it will probably be something you would never expect.

Oh, and if you start with “What brought you happiness and joy today?” You’ll have a sure-fire hit with kids, and you will be subtly shaping their life outlook – it will be more joy-focused.

Just like yours.

That’s the magic.

PS  I am heading to the airport this afternoon.  My response to my daily joy question is: more time at the airport – I love them!  Crazy, I know, but true.

PSS For more about the magic question and other life transforming ideas, I recommend Jacqueline Kelm’s The Joy of Appreciative Living.


  1. I know exactly what brings me happiness and joy each day. It’s the first thing I think of when I wake up — the organic fat free foam topping my cup of coffee sweetened with sweetened condensed milk. And with the coffee–whatever I baked the previous day.

    Thanks for helping me see the positive of each day.


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