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New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019! 

Now, let’s fast forward to January 2020!

Picture yourself one year from today, excited and thrilled about what you accomplished in 2019! I realize the year has barely begun, but one of the best ways to move forward is to have a clear picture of yourself feeling satisfied and grateful about what you have accomplished – before it is done!

Picturing the life you want makes it feel real, which releases all sorts of chemicals in your brain that will relax your body and expand your creativity and positivity by creating new neural pathways. It’s science, but feels like magic!

Picture it done!

Create a positive, rewarding outcome for your biggest dreams and then sit back and enjoy a movie-like mental reel highlighting how your personalized success looks and feels. Daydream your way into the vision of yourself you want to see and be.


Prime your brain by envisioning yourself celebrating your future success. Perhaps you are telling your friends just how wonderful it feels to be 10 pounds lighter and how you did it; how thrilled you are for sticking to your running schedule and the difference it has made in your life; to be so close to finishing school and planning your graduation; how scared you were to start writing your book, but how good it feels to be in the editing stage; how wonderful it feels to be in your new home for the holidays or how beautiful Paris is in the spring.

Don’t be afraid to visualize your dreams. 

Include as many details as possible to fully experience your personalized magic carpet ride. Daydreams are all about imagination – go for it. (Don’t worry about how your dreams will come true, believing they can is the key.)

Help is just outside your comfort zone, but never outside of your reach.

  1. To reinforce all those rich and wonderful thoughts and feelings, use the Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da” List 2018 to record all the good things that happened in your life in 2018 – big or small! Writing our successes reminds us good things are possible, reveals patterns about what matters to us, and is another great way to prime your brain for happiness and success in the months ahead. (Did mine and it was great way to relive the highlights of 2018. Made me dig deep and remember worthwhile experiences I might have otherwise passed over. Truly rewarding activity. I plan to keep adding to it over the next few days. Don’t pass up the good feelings in store for you when you fill out your 2018 Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da” List.) 
  2. Now create your Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da” List 2019 ! Record all your dreams for the 2019 as if they are already done. (I added prompts for you to get you started!) Add a sentence or two on the back of the sheet or in a journal sharing how good it feels to have brought such happiness into your life. (I just finished mine and it feels fantastic to put my dreams on paper. Freeing and rewarding all at once.)
  3. If you know you want your life to be different in 2019, but don’t have a specific goal or if you don’t know where to start, use Wishful Thinking Works Change Circles to help you define what type of change you want to see this year.
  4. If you are letting your past, worries about the world around you, or the scale of the changes you want, scare you; take a break and use the Wishful Thinking Works Courage Diet to get you back on track.
  5. Then use the Wishful Thinking Works Real Deal Change Wheel to move past and lingering hurdles or stumbling blocks.

There is absolutely no reason to face change alone. I designed all of these free Wishful Thinking Works resources for you. Use them to make your dreams come true in 2019.

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Celebrate you this New Year’s Eve

new-years-eve-1004535_960_720As the New Year rolls around it is way too easy to get bogged down in what we didn’t accomplish or do this year and to start making long lists of what we need to do in the New Year.

I think a much better and more rewarding way to start the New Year is to remember how wonderful you are by creating your personal “Ta Da” list I created this pdf years ago for a Wishful Thinking Works post and I use it twice a year to remind myself of all the good things – big or small – that have happened or that I have accomplished.

Why not use New Year ‘s Eve to celebrate you and what you have done instead of worrying about what you didn’t do?

Even if 2015 was your toughest year yet, you survived, and that is worth celebrating.

champagne-584072_960_720If you are alone on New Year’s Eve, embrace it! Buy some bubbly, treat yourself to food you love, pop in a movie, read a good book or soak in a luxurious bath and savor being you. (Some of my best New Year’s Eves were spent alone – outdoors, reflecting on all the good things in my life. I sipped something wonderful, tasted something delicious and savored the moments.)

As the New Year dawns, don’t worry about what’s next, just enjoy what is. You made it this far in life and have so much more to look forward to.

Happy New Year!

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2nd decade, 3rd millennium

Today is the last day of 2010.  (No surprises there.)

The fact that 2010 is ending, got me thinking about how it began.

Remember all the hoopla when we heralded 2000 in? Celebrations worldwide were huge, the word “millennium” appeared everywhere – it was the beginning of the 21st century and of the 3rd millennium! (I love the sound of that “3rd millennium”; it’s futuristic and retro all at the same time. Oh, and remember Y2K? Talk about retro, that was something – or not.)

My little walk down memory lane inspired me to make a personal timeline of the past decade. (A very nerdy, life-coachy thing to do, but that’s just the kind-of gal I am.) I decided to focus on major events – turns out there were tons of them. 

Really, it floored me, so many events and activities from a time in my life, which I thought would be quite uneventful. You see, I am a part of that baby-boomer generation, who as teens in the 60’s and 70’s were bombarded daily with messages not to trust anyone over 30, and to believe that life was pretty much downhill after 40, and all but over after 50, so how was I to know that my 40’s and 50’s would be my best years yet? 

How? Why?

Realizing how warm and wonderful the last 10 years have been for me, led me to think about how and why the decade turned out so well. Surprisingly, it did not include the most exciting events of my life – that honor still goes to the birth of my sons and being their Mom, and yet the decade is a still a clear winner.

And, just as surprising, the past ten years harbored some of my most heartbreaking moments: relationships crumbled, mentors passed on and some major embarrassing moments evolved (thank you for not asking), and yet, the 2000’s remain tops with me.

Perhaps, you’re thinking, this decade looks good, because the preceding ones were horrible, but that’s not true either, the preceding decades were filled with family, friends, fun, jobs, and achievements.

So what was the difference?

I think the difference was, the past decade was more me, not about me, but more me.  Me – failing, flailing and flourishing as I went.  And, me fully admitting my dreams, big and small, and, then attempting to make them real.

  • I did more big scary things than ever before
  • and many more teeny tiny tedious things,
  • and more than ever before all of them were aimed directly at my dreams.  

But, the most important difference was – I believed. Really believed, at first just for a second, and then later for days, weeks, months, and years that the things I really wanted were okay to want and worth believing in. I believed in me. It was a scary and brave thing to do.

All of which brings me to this moment – the last day of the 1st decade of the 3rd millennium and a life filled with wonderful, warm, witty and wise family and friends – old and new, here and there.    

And, now, at the risk of sounding a bit too Tinker Bell-ish, I would like to wish you, my readers, clients, family and friends, a very Happy New Year and a decade full of wishes and dreams and the courage to believe in yourself enough to make them happen.


Happy New Year


Aww, what the heck, it is the beginning of the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium, I say we Tinker Bell it all the way – all together now . . .

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe in me!”

My work here is done. 

Happy New Year,


Wishful Thinking Works

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