“Reader’s Digest” version

Since we are all short of time and the weather is getting nicer, I will be brief.


Big organization in UK


Really cool comprehensive report about well-being


Published 2008




To review worldwide scientific literature about well-being, so citizens of the UK could live their best lives. (Told you it was cool.)

And the well-being winners are . . . 

  • Connecting:

              Care about others, develop relationships. Understand they are the foundation for your well-being.

  • Being active:

               Move, and keep moving.  Find exercise and activities you like and do them.

  • Taking notice:

              Develop awareness of the moment, beauty, the unusual and the not so unusual, the simple and the complex.

              Relish and reflect on above.

              Be curious, it might have killed the cat, but it will keep you engaged and engaging.

  • Learning:

               Try new things; explore what makes them, you and the world tick.

  • Giving:

               Gratitude, kindness, support, time, effort, a smile and a hug. 

There you have it: Simple, free stuff we can all do.

317 pages condensed to 175 words – hope I didn’t leave anything out.

Thank you to the folks at Foresight for caring enough to do the work.

PS Reading this post counts as “Learning;” sharing it could be connecting; take a deep breath and you are on your way to awareness; now stretch –mmm that feels good –you moved, then smile while writing someone a thank you email and you are on your way to a weekend filled with well being.

Have a good one.

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