Weekend memories; Monday morning moments

It’s Monday morning. (But you probably already knew that.)

Could you use a quick boost of energy without more caffeine?

If so, write down three things that made you happy this weekend. 

They don’t have to be big things, but if they are – congratulations!

Maybe it was a great cup of coffee or tea, or a nice glass of wine.

Or, fun with family or friends. (Yes, for me on both counts.)

Getting the weeds pulled, the grass cut, flowers planted, the closets cleaned, or the wash done.

Did you have a great night out, or a quiet, relaxing day in? (Yes, and yes, again for me.)

Special time with the kids or grand kids?  (I did – oh, so sweet.)

Whatever made you happy this weekend is worth noting and savoring – and you can do both in less than three minutes – 1, 2, 3, go! 

1. Write down what made you happy (feel free to post them as comments);

2. Close your eyes (this is fast, no one will catch you), and take a deep breath;

3. Now, savor each memory: picture the people, the setting, your feelings.  Hold them for just a second, take another deep breath, open your eyes and relax.  

Ahh, doesn’t that feel nice?

I just relived my wonderful weekend, which was full of great moments with family and friends. Special thanks to Mattie for making it possible by hosting Nellie and me in Tampa.

One of the highlights was spending time in a beautiful little tea room with 15 of my good friends and some of their friends talking about Wishful Thinking.

Enjoying the company of so many caring, dynamic, interesting, and talented women was wonderful, and being able to call Ann, Barb, Cindy, Darlene, Lynn, Malinda, Mattie, Nellie, Patty, Sharyn and Susan my friends is truly an honor. You are amazing women, thank you!  

Meeting Barbara, Betty, Cindy, and Gina was a treat.  Thank you for sharing the morning with us – hope we meet again.

Well, got to go – but before I do, I think I will savor two more weekend memories: the sweet tanginess of Mattie’s fantastic home-grown and made key lime pie and my son’s delicious barbecue ribs. 

Perfect meals and memories: all the fun and the flavor, none of the calories.


  1. Hi Sally,

    I just realized I thanked you off-blog for your sweet and funny comment – but not here. I love your pun, and my Dad – the pun master – would, too.

    Which somehow brings me to thoughts of your parents and mine – I shall raise a glass in honor of our parents this weekend, who gave us much, and drove us crazy during our “wonder years.”

    When I think of yours, I always remember the Cadillac story; the lamb your Dad roasted on the spit; your Mom being my go-to Mom for discussions I could never have with my Mom – and being totally comfortable hanging in your house.



  2. Your line “Perfect meals and memories: all the fun and flavor, none of the calories” is BRILLIANT! How easily your workshop could be streamlined for people battling eating disorders that leave them over-weight. I noticed creating meaningful meals is such a pwerful memory for you in your “Greatful Blog”. This would be a piece of cake(all puns intended) for you.



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