Pop quiz


I know Monday morning is a terrible time to be giving a pop quiz, but it’s on my mind and I don’t want to forget it. Good news is there is only one question . . .

How badly do you want to feel good?


It’s a fair question. And, if you let it, it will keep you motivated and focused.

I’ve asked myself this question a lot lately, because I’m taking on new challenges, which are part of creating the life I want. Creating the life I want has always made me feel good, but some days the question gets in my face a bit like my junior high gym teacher Miss Barnes. Other times it guides me gently like my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Petchler. Either way, it keeps me going. The question has gotten me out the door, to plug-in my laptop, make the call, pick-up my pen, to speak up or to keep quiet, and to put down the remote – among other things. Each of which has made me feel great about myself and my choices.

The interesting thing about this question is even a negative answer can keep you moving in your intended direction. Sometimes I reply to myself with a big ol’ negative, “Not much” or “Not enough to do ______”, which makes me laugh or leads me to an adolescent, but oddly effective “Whatever” in my mind.

My “Whatever” reinforces what I already know, which is that I do want to do “it”, I’m just not ready to fully admit it myself. And, knowing that I still have a surly rebellious teenager lurking inside of me makes me laugh – and, then I get on with the task at hand.

The only time the question hasn’t been effective for me is when I didn’t bother or forgot to ask it. It took me a while to realize not asking was sort-of like picking myself last for my own kickball team, or not inviting myself to my own party, and, well, that’s just silly. So instead, I keep asking myself:

“How badly do I want to feel good?”

Try it. Customize it. Then, after you answer your version or mine, go for it. Whatever your “it” is.

And, if you are not sure what your “it” is, no problem, we can work on that, too.

WTW Dandelion

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