Capture happy!

Capture  Happy Patrice Koerper Wishful Thinking Works

Today is International Day of Happiness!

Take some time to capture happy and enrich your life in the process.

Positive thoughts and feelings are like hi-test fuel for your brain.

Capturing – labeling, wallowing, and replaying – positive thoughts and feelings will spark the release of even more positive-producing hormones, chemicals, and connecting agents in your brain.

It’s science, not hocus-pocus or feel good mumbo-jumbo.

Positive thoughts and emotions light-up our brains in all the right places, giving us the fuel we need to move forward in a positive direction.

The next time you are feeling particularly perky and positive, warm and fuzzy, or cozy and comfy – capture the moment.

1. Label it.

“Hey, this feels good.”  “I feel great.”  “I like this.”  “I’m happy!” “This feels wonderful.”

2. Wallow in it.

Take time to let the feeling soak into your entire body, let it flow throughout your body.

3. Replay it.

Hours, days and weeks later, take a moment to relive an earlier moment that have made you happy. If you took Step 2 seriously, you will be able to bring back the same feelings you had when the moment occurred with almost the same intensity. A totally sweet deal – that is available to you for free, 24/7!

The goal is to capture yourself feeling good and give equal time and effort to imprinting those memories. You will build-up a reservoir of good feelings to relive, which will eventually spill over onto your attitude and outlook. And, with time and you will catch yourself feeling happier and happier.

You can choose what you record and replay. What better way to celebrate International Happy Day then by capturing happy?

PS I know you can do this, because we do it all the time with negative thoughts. We rehash and relive each and every second of our drama/trauma moments – blow-by-blow, insult and injury. You see, those moments were highly charged, we allowed them to make an impression and they are easier to remember, but with practice you can do the same thing with everyday positive moments and memories, and then use them to recharge yourself. (This post has been revamped from a 2012 Wishful Thinking Works post)

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