A once in a lifetime opportunity

Your life!

Your life is your once in a lifetime opportunity!  art-1281459__340

And, it is the perfect place to practice the art of living!

Life is designed to be felt, experienced and embraced in all it’s colors, depths and shades. Dreams, passion and love make it easier.

It can get messy, brushes-21992_960_720 but I don’t believe we need hard times to make us stronger or more appreciative of the good times but if they do appear, embrace that, too.

Don’t censor or muddle through your life. Find ways to live with purpose and passion, with rich rewarding relationships and hours and hours where you loose yourself in what you are doing.

When considering your accomplishments, use yourself as the only ruler that matters. art-supplies-1324034__340When you focus your attention on you,  you will discover how uniquely wonderfully and precious you truly are.

Each of us is a work of art. Your life is the canvas. Make sure the central focus, the scenes, the brush strokes and the colors chosen are yours.

Make it as beautiful as possible. As colorful as you choose. And, as wonderful as you are!

Life as art (2).jpg

You can do it!

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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