Happy, sad, glad, mad

Did you know that identifying the emotions you are feeling is a great way to decrease or expand their impact, and that by simply identifying and admitting you are feeling happy, sad, glad or mad you can improve your life?

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Studies show that when we identify and accept our negative emotions or situations – sad/mad – their impact is lessened, especially in times of stress. Positive psychology research has revealed that savoring the good things that happen to us (gratitudes) or identifying when we are feeling good – happy/glad – increases the likelihood we will strive to increase positive situations and emotions.

You can reap the rewards noted in these studies by taking your emotional temperature throughout the day. (Sounds silly, but it works!) To get started, you can pick specific times – 10, 2 and 6 or specific activities – breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are even free apps you can download and use!

But most importantly, make sure to note what you are feeling when you notice your emotional temperature changing. This is the best time to key in and be open and honest with yourself about what you are experiencing. (Try it, it can make a huge difference in your life.)

Admitting to yourself that you are feeling sad or mad is often enough to keep those feelings from escalating and may prevent you from saying or doing things you may later regret. (P.S. Your body and brain already know what you are feeling and have responded to it, you might be fooling yourself, but you’re not fooling them!)

Noting when you are feeling happy or glad, is a great way to savor the moment and is an excellent way to begin creating the life you really want by helping you recognize and include the people, places, things and activities that truly make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Once you get in the habit of noticing when you are happy, sad, glad, or mad, you can expand your awareness by adding emotions such as confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, appreciative and/or jealous, resentful, ashamed and guilty. The better you get at identifying how you are feeling the easier it will be to expand or respond to each emotion.

So how are you feeling right now –  happy, sad, glad, or mad?

I’m feeling happy and snappy, which for me means happy with a twist of enthusiasm and a sprinkle or two of optimism. Here’s hoping you have an equally insightful day!

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