Soul searching


If you were to take a photograph of your soul, what would it look like?


We often check-in with our hearts, and feel they are in the right place, but our souls may be a truer reflection of who we are.

What does yours look like?

Are you happy with what you see?  If so, savor the feeling, celebrate it.

If not, what can you do to get yourself back on track?

Your true path is always there.  Sometimes we stray, or ignore the signs. We may get confused or go in circles, but a happier, deeper path is waiting for you. You can redirect or start over any time. If you are breathing, it is not too late.


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Channel surfing and soul searching


I’ve been channel surfing this week, and it got me thinking . . .

So You Think You Can Dance

If you had to “Dance for Your Life”, so to speak, what would you be doing?  If you had 30 seconds to WOW the world, what would you do?  How would you share your best?

What has been your shining moment so far? What’s made your heart race, your spine tingle and goosebumps grow? How would you choose to share the best of you with the rest of the world?


Expedition Impossible

Where do you want to go, and what do you want to do? Would you like to: Climb Everest? Sing on Broadway? Graduate Oxford or Le Cordon Bleu? Sip cappuccino in Italy, wine in France? Surf in Costa Rico? Swim the Channel?

What would be your perfect journey?  What would you be doing? What challenges and excites you? What would you like to accomplish that you haven’t as yet?


The Bachelorette

What’s romantic to you? Candle-lit dinners or walks in the park? Late-night movies or all-night dancing? Riding in a limo or jumping on your bikes? Concerts at Carnegie Hall or country music festivals?

Whose your perfect match? If you’ve found him or her, what first attracted you, what makes you smile today?

If you are looking, do looks and money matter more than holding hands and still having lots to talk about at 80? When you picture your picture-perfect mate, what is he doing?


There are no “right” answers and tons of questions we can ask ourselves as we create the lives we really want.

I know it’s easier to spend time surfing channels and watching make-believe or someone else’s reality than it is to pay attention to what we want, have and love. [I have to admit to being totally hooked on “The Bachelorette”, which I know is tacky, but it’s true – I love that show, and yes, I know it is make-believe and it really doesn’t work, but I still love it  –  try not to hold that against me. :-)] – so I’m not suggesting turning off the tube, or ignoring Netflix, but perhaps it might be just as interesting and not such a bad idea to use the stuff we watch as a springboard for some soul-searching.

My guess is, discovering and planning our dreams will be more fun and fulfilling in the long run. And, who knows, your life might turn out to be the best reality show EVER, and, if it is the life you really want, I guarantee it will make you feel like a star!

Now, that sounds like a show worth watching.

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