Happy Birthday!


Mine is tomorrow. I love birthdays. To celebrate I’m combining two of my favorite things. I’ll be exploring Wishful Thinking ways with a group of interesting women and enjoying fantastic cappuccino at a new French/Italian Bistro. Life is good.

Here are my birthday wishes for you:

Passion and fulfillment in your life.

Friends and family that encourage and support you.

Hours that simply flow by when you are doing what you love. 

Physical movement that brings a smile to your face. (You know, like skipping, hopping, jumping . . .)

And, at the end of the day a sense of gratitude and accomplishment for a life worth living.

Who could ask for anything more? Well, maybe just one more small cupcake, please . . . 

Have a great weekend.


  1. I admit, I have not seen much of your site lately! I find the flat world…too flat….but YOU ! and your birthday! How fun it was to celebrate in our fair country….thanks for including me in your Macedonian birthdays……the party prep! hilarious! Many happy returns and I hope you got a good cupcake…none of the kind that seems to be the new rage in NYC …. gluten free, frosting free…. hmmmmm….


    • Hi Mary,
      My friend Sharyn was the first to remind me about my birthday in Dihovo. They had so much fun just cutting up the veggies! I still love the photo of you elbow deep in cabbage!!! So excited to be doing what I love again on my B-Day, different activity, different continent but perfect all the same! Hope you are doing great, miss you. Love lots, Patrice


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