Exciting, healthy day.

What happens when you gather 300 interesting, intelligent, energetic women on a sunny, crisp Florida day in beautiful Palmetto, Florida? 

Inspirational exchanges, laughter-filled conversations, rich, rewarding connections, and sweet moments – dark chocolate was everywhere!

At the 8th annual Speaking of Women’s Health Conference benefiting the Manatee Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc. – all of that and much more occurred. We also learned how to keep our hearts happy and healthy, our bodies fit and fine, and our pockets and retirement accounts brimming – a truly fantastic way to begin a beautiful Valentine’s weekend.

A special “Hello” to all the wonderful women, who joined me for my Wishful Thinking Works: Creating the life you want breakout session. You were terrific!  So nice to see 45 happy, smiling faces at 8:45 a.m., thank you. You truly made my day.   

I was also so excited that many of you shared your kind thoughts and wishes with me throughout the day, thank you.  For those of you, who are beginning to explore your wishes, writing them is a powerful motivator and will help you expand the possibilities they offer. 

For those reading, who were not at the session but would like to learn more about the tips shared, please check out Resources. And, session participants, here’s “My Courage Diet.” 

Thanks again for all the fun! Hope you are having a sweet Valentine’s Day.


  1. Patrice, this sounds really wonderful. Do you remember last Valentine’s Day? We spent it facilitating an exciting workshop for Roma women in Skopje, and it was such an empowering thing for all of us as well. Maybe a nice Valentine’s tradition is forming?


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