I hear you.

At the YWCA Women’s Leadership Conference I attended yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio – thank you, Marci – two of the speakers shared some valuable insights:

Being right is not a right, nor a necessity, nor even a good idea most of the time.

And hard as it is, the best response is usually a simple friendly:

Ah huh.   I hear you.   Wow.   Okay.   Really? 

These responses do not necessarily imply consent, just respect – for the person I am listening to and their right to think differently than me.

I was reminded that my opinion is just that, mine, and not sharing it is a perfectly valid option. (Ouch.)

It doesn’t mean the world or life as I know it will end.  I will not disappear, and the world will keep spinning on its slightly altered axis.  Great reminders from Marianne Ford.

Later, I was reminded how cool I am – thank you DeLores Pressley – and my personal power was raised to high! 

And, I learned that fear – you know the thing that keeps us in our place – is usually:  False   Evidence   Appearing   Real

(Not to worry, my Courage Diet is nearby.)

DeLores also shared that we are our best business cards.  I like that.  

So this weekend, I will keep my opinions to myself (promise), make sure fear isn’t stopping me from doing what I really want (cross my heart) and take time to remember just how cool I am!

Hope you do the same.  Have a great weekend.

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