My bags are unpacked . . .


We are all traveling, just on different paths.                     P. Koerper, 2008

I have settled back into Bitola, Macedonia where I spent three years as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer from 2006-09. This is my second trip back to visit my friends and work on projects in this ever beautiful, ancient country.

Today I head to Greece to meet an American, who will be joining me here for two weeks. She heard me talk at a library in Florida about Macedonia, and decided to join me this year. Her adventure will be magnified as we try to cross the Greek border, which is closed due to strikes. I love that she sees this as all part of the fun. She travels well.

Speaking of adventures, here are a few photos from Bitola. I am having trouble loading photos, many more to follow.   To say I am glad to be back, doesn’t begin to capture the feelings I’m experiencing. There is a sweet sense of self that emerges each time I am here. I love walking foreign streets, and feeling like I am home.

View of Bitola from my friend Evi’s balcony where I am staying.
Bridal bread from a traditional village wedding.
Dancing the oro at traditional village wedding


Hope your journey is going well, and your path is bringing you much joy. And, as always, wish you were here.


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