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I love libraries.
Really big ones like this.
Boston Copley Public Library, Boston, USA

And very teeny, tiny ones like this.     

Britian's Smallest Library

April 11-17, 2010 is National Library Week. Since 1958, the American Library Association (ALA)  has sponsored National Library Week across America to promote the services and celebrate the value of libraries.   

I worked for a library system for 11 years (head of public relations & partnerships) and volunteered for libraries for at least 20 years.   

During National Library Week I often traveled to Washington DC to talk with our legislators to convince them to continue or enhance funding for libraries.     

Every February or March, I did the same with state legislators, which is really important because most funding for libraries is at the state and local level.   

Throughout the year I find answers, enlightenment and entertainment at the library for free.  

Did I mention, I love libraries?  

At a library I can go and take anything I want off the shelf and home with me for free.   

If I want something that is not on the shelf, I can order it for free and they will let me know when it arrives for free.   

I can also order my books online for free and they will be pulled and waiting on a special shelf for me for free.  

All you need is a library card, which as you might have guessed is free! (Many libraries let you sign-up for your library card online for free.)     

When I was a kid, libraries and bookmobiles were magic to me and transported me around the world, until I was able to go on my own.   

And, even today when I sit with a pile of books at a long wooden table in a really big fancy library, I feel wiser and smarter and well, just plain cooler, for free.   

Now that’s a deal.    

Do you have a great library memory?  I would love to hear it.  Feel free to share.     


  1. I have very fond memories of the hours I spent studying, reading, writing, and, yes, socializing, in this place, which i still think is one of the most spectacular libraries in the world:

    if you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, there’s a great photo from the outside…but i think the interior is what makes it so special.


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