Motherhood: lessons learned, gifts accepted

I am the proud Mom of two awesome sons; the younger has two adorable sons with his wonderful wife, who is a fantastic Mom. (Happy Mother’s Day, Luann.)

Being a Mom taught me more about myself and the world than anything else I have experienced. Not that you have to be a Mom to learn things, but for me it turned out to be the perfect package for lots of great gifts.

Here are a few:

H happiness        – one size can fit all, and you always look good wearing it. 

A awareness       – breathe deep and often

P patience           – almost every situation can benefit from it

P people               – truly matter more  

Y young               – they really are, cut them more slack

M moments          – create and savor them

openness       – to possibilities and moments 

time                 – passes both quickly and slowly, cherish it all

 hugs                – you can’t give too many

E  enthusiasm       – can make all the difference

R emember            – they really do grow-up and move on 

S  simple              – as in, keep it simple

Dads                  – half of the best thing you ever made together: your kids

A acceptance      – another word for listening

Y you                    – pretty much the key to everything; treat gently

Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate who you are with folks, who love you – motherhood not required.


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