Lights under bushels

Okay, for years I have been following the scientific process as defined by Hermann Helmholtz, and I didn’t even know it!

Hermann, who?

Helmholtz was a well-regarded German scientist in the 19th century (The century thing always throws me.  I have to stop and say in my head – 19th century, so that means 1800’s, right? I really think they could have come-up with an easier system. Am I the only one who finds it confusing?)  Anyway, Helmholtz used the following stages to describe his scientific discoveries:

Saturation: Research, reading, interviews

Incubation: Reflect on collected data/information ( I love that word – incubation, actually, I like the words incubation period even better –  sounds scientific and cozy all at the same time – I always picture warm lights and ideas popping around.)

Illumination: The light bulb goes off, the “ah ha” moment happens.

This is how I think!  For years I thought I was procrastinating, turns out I was being scientific.

I really did feel bad about using this approach. It bothered me that folks, including my Mom (nine children, always busy), thought I was being lazy when I read/researched/reflected.  I let their opinions overshadow mine.

I hid my style even deeper when I realized that most boys don’t like girls, who like research.

I am bringing it up now, because I am reading Dr. Ben Carson’s book “Think Big”.  Carson is an extremely gifted pediatric neurosurgeon, whose amazing childhood trials and adult triumphs are detailed in the book “Gifted Hands”, which was made into a movie of the same title.  (My friend Malinda highly recommends the movie.)

Carson’s book and mention of Helmholtz, reminded me I had hidden my talents in the past, and that maybe I am not the only person in the world, who has ignored his or her own strengths or style to meet the approval or avoid the disapproval of others.

Have you ever hid your light under a bushel?

If so, perhaps now is a good time to let your light shine, and to celebrate what makes you wonderful and unique.

Celebrating who you are can lead you where you want to go.  Besides, it’s fun, and can make the world a much nicer place to be.

If you aren’t sure what your special talents and strengths are – not to worry, stop by on Friday and I will share some tips from Carson and others to help you discover the best of you!

Gotta go – I am taking my laptop and a few good books outside for my style R&R – research and reflection.

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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