Word waterways

Photo courtesy of Bokan Photography

April is National Poetry Month, time for my annual poetry post, no fooling! Each year at this time, I picture all the world’s words floating together in a vast sea of possibilities, swimming and churning about until they form new relationships and flow back to us through interesting word waterways  –  poetry.

Please enjoy this post while sipping a soothing cup of tea, savoring the richness of a delicious, dark cup of coffee, or relaxing with a nice round glass of red wine. If now is not a good time, browse through today and then make a date with yourself to return and listen to a least one poem each week in April.

Here’s one of my favorites, which I’ve mentioned before; When the burning begins is about a girl and her Daddy making cornbread. I see the room, smell the burning, and feel her emotions. I think I like it so much because I heard it before I read it; I truly believe poems are best out loud, just like gratitude letters and Dr. Seuss.

To hear a poem or two, check out:

The Cortland Review is an online literary review in streaming audio where poets read their works. Their “Poets in Person” videos are wonderful, I admit that I am often more intrigued by poets than their poems, the videos feed my literary voyeuristic tendencies.

If you prefer to read your words, visit “The Poetry Foundation to find a poem to your liking. Or stop by PoemHunter.org to locate missing words and memories.

For poetry with a twist go to the Poetry Foundation’s “Chicago Poetry Tour”, where the history of Chicago is shared out-loud in verse. (You can download this little wonder, print their map and walk through the streets or you can do as I did, and armchair travel your way around the town.)

And, no virtual poetry tour would be complete with out exploring NPR’s poetry section where people are even Tweeting poetry!

Please take a moment to share your favorite poem or poetry site with Wishful Thinking Works readers this April; we’re listening.

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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