A time to take the week off

My Dad died in the early morning hours of this past Sunday.  He was 91, and I was lucky enough to be with him when he passed away.

My Dad's 90th Birthday

I was asked to write my Dad’s obituary for the funeral home web page, not something you’re ever prepared to do. But that’s how funerals go, folks are asked to do things they never really thought they would or could. They pick out caskets, select flowers, make final arrangements and generally stand strong and tall. They rise to the occasion, because they love the person who passed away and the family he or she left behind. My family has been doing a great job of that all week.

When you are done reading this, go hug family and friends who are in reach, call or Skype the ones who aren’t and remember to do both every chance you get.

I’m taking the rest of the week off. I hope your week is filled with work that makes you happy (my Dad loved his) and family and friends, who make you feel loved!


  1. Hi Patrice, so sorry for your loss, and wishing you peace at this sad time.
    “It is because of love that we grieve, and because of love, also, that we are comforted in our sorrow”. “He’s not dead, He’s just away”.

    Ed Kennedy


  2. Patrice,
    I’m so sorry to hear that your Dad is gone. I so enjoyed hearing about his independence and spirit.
    I read this today, the day my mother underwent bypass surgery. So far she is doing ok, but it’s pretty scary. I hope I get to spend some good time with her when I move up there. For now, Jesse is with her, I’ll head up next week to see her home and care for her a bit, then Mark follows to hang out with her for a week during his spring break.
    I feel lucky to get to take care of her and hope to build some memories. I know you have a lot of beautiful memories to carry with you.
    Love, Susan


    • Oh, Susan, so sorry to hear about your Mom’s surgery. Sending good thoughts to you, your Mom, Mark and Jesse. Yes, to the memories!! Big time. Build and embrace them.


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