Wishful Thinking Ways for 2012 # 2

Hi, welcome back!

We are on the second installment of Wishful Thinking Ways for 2012. I really do believe the year ahead holds lots of wonderful, exciting discoveries and adventures for you!

The other day I heard from another WTW workshop participant, who shared how much his life had changed since he participated 3 years ago! He took a chance, and is thrilled he did. I love when that happens.

WTW is not magic; it’s one part daydreams, two parts courage, and three parts getting out of your own way. Wishful Thinking Works and you can do it!

If you haven’t read and completed the simple exercises in the first post about Wishful Thinking Ways for 2012, go back and start there. If you have, you’re ready for today’s three steps.

Today’s tip:

Being happy and satisfied, doesn’t mean you stop dreaming, and being unhappy doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming. So, no matter where you are today, it is the perfect starting point for where you want to be next.

Step 1

Start by drawing your face all happy and smiley. Don’t panic, we are talking about a basic little old smiley face. Add some hair to match yours, some dangling earrings if you wear them, whatever personalizes it enough to make you laugh and recognize yourself. 🙂

Then write and read aloud, “This is me all happy and smiley.”

Step 2

Now write 10 things that make you happy. Yes, 10. The numbers matter today; I want you to feel the stretch, which usually comes around #5 or #6. Be descriptive. Add details. And, since I never ask you to do something I haven’t already done, here is the list I wrote today.

  1. The feel of the soft cozy cable knit sweater I’m wearing. I love its muted pink, brown and burgundy color, too. It was a hand-me-down gift from my sweet sister Deb, before I left for my much-colder-than-Florida Peace Corps assignment.
  2. The hand-me-down brown ankle boots on my feet. I’m pretty much wearing them out while I am here. (They’re from the same sweet Sis.)
  3. Comfy jeans that are getting looser every day.
  4. A cafeteria on the main floor of my office building.
  5. Today is an absolutely beautiful day – the sun is shining; the temp is in the teens, but the weather is brisk and bright.
  6. That it’s Friday, even when you love what you are doing, sometimes Fridays are just the best days ever.
  7. That the Internet is working, it wasn’t a few minutes ago.
  8. Buses, ie. public transport. You get on, slip a coin or two into a slot and then get to daydream or eavesdrop on humanity.
  9. Hmm, thinking – this is my stretch . . . oh, wonderful and inexpensive mobile service to America.
  10. My friend, Dao, who is my constant chat friend no matter where I am in the world.

Step 3

Read the list out loud. The out loud part also matters, so yes, you must. The key for today’s list is your items have to make you happy, not just grateful. List things that make you smile. If an item doesn’t make you smile when you read it out loud, replace it.

For those struggling to start the list, write at least one thing, and then don’t worry about it, you have all week to work on it. If you are in the mood to keep going – do it. Add as many things as you like. The only way to mess up this exercise is not to do it! And, not doing it would be silly, because it will make you feel happy, and it’s a great way to start the New Year and your Wishful Thinking Ways.

Wishful Thinking Works and Ways are based on positive psychology, Appreciate Inquiry and life coach and life-adventurer Patrice Koerper’s experiences and those of her clients and workshop participants.

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  1. What a wonderful list! 🙂 I started the first installment and felt silly getting up to step forward, step back, step forward, step back. It made me smile while doing it, but… BUT instead of sitting back down, I continued stepping and stepped out of the room and down the hallway.


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