Wishful Thinking Ways #6


Wishful Thinking Ways questions to go!

Okay, today we are getting started on discovering our dreams. Start by getting some paper and a pen. Go with your first answers. Get comfy. Make sure you have whatever you need to keep you happy and focused for 10-20 minutes. (If you would like a printable page, click here.)

Answer the following questions – remember go with your first answers. (No one other than you ever has to see your answers, so relax and enjoy.)

  1. Time of day you feel most comfortable?
  2. Favorite food(s)? Why?
  3. Food(s)you love to make? Why?
  4. Favorite color(s).
  5. Place(s) you liked to hang out in your neighborhood or yard as a kid. What were you doing?
  6. Board or card game you enjoyed playing as a kid.
  7. Favorite book(s) as a kid.
  8. Favorite holiday.
  9. Favorite holiday tradition(s).
  10. Sister or brother you have the most fun with?
  11. Favorite relative(s)?
  12. Best teacher(s)?
  13. Favorite car. How did you get it?
  14. First job?
  15. You usually go to sleep around ________ p.m. and wake-up at _________a.m.
  16. Favorite vacation as a kid. As an adult. what made them great?
  17. Favorite childhood friend?
  18. Favorite meal as a kid? Why?
  19. Names of kids you hung out with when you were 7-11 years old?
  20. The first two things you would do if you won the lottery?
  21. Favorite room in your house now? Why?
  22. Favorite piece of furniture?
  23. What are you most proud of? Why?
  24. Favorite room(s) in your house as a kid?
  25. Favorite piece of clothing(s) now? Why?
  26. Best job you ever had. Why?
  27. Your hero or an important mentor. Why?
  28. What did you love to do or play outside as a kid?
  29. Favorite clothes or outfit as a kid?
  30. Funny memory that always makes you laugh?
  31. Best memory with your kids?
  32. Favorite movie? Why?
  33. Favorite TV show? Why?
  34. Favorite movie scene(s)?
  35. Favorite TV show scene(s). Why?
  36. Favorite pet(s)?
  37. Favorite childhood memory(ies)? Why are these memories important to you?
  38. Describe where you’d like to go on vacation if money was no object. What would you be doing?
  39. If money was no object, where would you like to live? Why?
  40. If failing was impossible what would you do?

Now review your “Why” answers and use them to fill in the following blanks. I want my life to have lots of  _______________, ________________, ___________________, _________________ and ____________________with _______________________________! Your sentence may not make perfect sense, but it will give you insight to what you enjoy and care about – and may have forgot!  

My Wishful Thinking Ways sentence reads: I want my life to have lots of spicy, comfy, fun, interesting challenges and touching times with people I care about outdoors!  Now, figure out one thing could you do this weekend to make sure you get some of the things you listed, and do it!

Have a great weekend.


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