Wishful Thinking Ways #7



Let’s start today by talking about change. Change is about transformation. It’s about making something different from what it was. At Wishful Thinking Works the changes we seek relate to our lives; how we see and live them; what we choose to do and who we choose to do it with.

Some Wishful Thinkers are seeking dramatic changes – they want to overhaul their lives. Others just want a tune-up. Still others have no clue what they want – and that’s okay. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of change Wishful Thinking Ways can be helpful to you.

If you do the work, the answers will come!



You’ve already showed your commitment by returning to Wishful Thinking Ways for 7 weeks. Congratulations! Commitment is what keeps us going when the going gets tough, and that’s what leads to success. Now we want to discover and develop your passion. (If you are new this week, start here!)



I think of “passion” in two ways:

  1. What you choose to do with your life – your passion. “My passion in life is  __________________.”
  2. How you feel about your life or the changes you are making. “I’m passionate and excited about improving/changing/discovering/learning _______________________.”

This week’s assignment is designed to help you discover and develop your passions, and it too is two-part. If you did not complete last week’s exercise, please do so now and then put it aside for 3-4 days. Also make sure you have or have purchased good quality, large drawing paper and colored pencils, markers, crayons or paints.

Part I

  1. If you’ve been keeping up with the exercises, you should have already answered these questions.
  2. Please re-answer them now without looking back at your previous answers.
  3. Make sure you complete the last part of the exercise.
  4. Now, using the large drawing paper and the pencils, markers, paints, etc. create a visual representation of your new”Why” answers.
  5. Be creative. The goal of this exercise is to doodle and draw your way to insights.
  6. Make more than one drawing if you want to, let the drawings lead you to new ideas and new drawings.
  7. Don’t worry about your drawing skills or art ability – use symbols and words if you are not comfortable drawing.
  8. When you’re done with your drawings, go back and compare this week’s and last week’s answers.
  9. Make a new drawing of any answers that appeal to you in any way.

Part II

This section can been done immediately following or days after Part I.

  1. Draw how you would like your life to look. (Remember you can use words and symbols, if you are uncomfortable drawing.)
  2. Include everything in your drawing that you want in your future. 
  3. If you want a new job, to find the love of your life, to write a book,  take a vacation or to be skinnier, kinder, richer, happier, etc. make sure your drawing includes details about it. Be creative!  
  4. Do not censor yourself. Do not worry if these things are possible or probable, just draw what you want in your life.

Please do not skip this week’s exercise. Wishful Thinking Works workshop participants and clients have found it uber-helpful and have let me know months and years later that they still have their drawings and are amazed how many of the dreams and details they drew have come to life. The key is to use the drawings to start visualizing and formalizing your dreams and goals.

Final tips:

  1. Have fun; don’t judge your ideas or your art skills, just go with it.
  2. Use large, good quality paper and colored drawing tools! (Too small a paper limits your thoughts, plain paper makes you less likely to value and save your drawings, and using color and different mediums enhances your ability to capture and communicate your thoughts and dreams – and, that is what Wishful Thinking Ways is all about!)
  3. If you find yourself aimlessly or even intentionally searching the web this week, spending too much time on Facebook, standing in front of the frig or sitting in front of the TV, STOP!  Instead, get out your drawing paper and colored whatever, and start drawing what changes you would like to see in yourself or in your life or draw the things you love or appreciate in your life now.

And, save some paper and pencils for next week’s Wishful Thinking Ways #8!


Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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