And, breathe . . .

In our Wishful Thinking Ways #3 weekly post we talked about inhibitory breathing. Folks around the world are holding their breath in times of stress, which may lead to anxiety and, over time, to health problems.

This past Saturday a group of Wishful Thinking women gathered and Wendy, one of the participants, shared this wonderful site with all of us:

Do As One’s vision is to have 1 billion people – yup, 1 billion – synchronize their breathing by November 11, 2012. To this end, they have created a wonderful web site so folks can learn to breathe moment to moment! (There’s even an App!)

Give yourself a much-needed break and go to Do As One now, and learn to breathe full-body, life-enhancing breaths. You can choose from a number of “breathing rooms”, where you may then select background audio (choices include softly falling rain or Tibetan bowls); color – a rainbow of options; intentions – peace, harmony, abundance, and length of session.

“Do As One” offers many more relaxing options for intentional breathing beginners and experts, and for folks who are looking for meditative options. “Do As One” is an excellent tool for bringing peace and relaxation into your life one breath at a time. A minute or two of full-body breathing, will relax you and help you focus your awareness in a gentle, easy way. You will feel the tension melting away. It’s like a mini-vacation for your mind.

Relax your shoulders, stretch a bit and begin now.

Don’t underestimate the power in each and every breath you take – being more aware of your breathing patterns can help you change your perspective and may transform your life.

And, breathe . . .

PS Let us know of other breathing and meditation sites you have used and recommend. And, thanks again, Wendy!

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