Wishful Thinking Ways # 12

Are you riding a Ferris Wheel of Denial?

Change Circles

Last week  in Wishful Thinking Ways #11, you identified specifically what you want to change in 2012. Great job! (If you are just joining Wishful Thinking Ways, you can click here to start at the very beginning.)

What change did you decide on last week? Use that change topic it to fill in the blank in this sentence:

I am so excited that I am ______________________.

The goal of this exercise is to say, and then write the sentence as though it has already been achieved. Here’s a quick and easy example: If your goal is to lose 10 lbs., you would say and then write:

I am so excited that I am 10 pounds thinner.

You can go a step further and add other positive statements such as, “It feels so wonderful!”

The goal of this exercise is to keep it simple, positive and energizing. Use words that fit your personality and style, and keep the sentences upbeat and positive – after all you are 10 lbs. thinner!! How cool is that? It is essential to say and write the sentence in the positive tense, “I am” as opposed to “I will”. (The exercise works on big or little goals.)

Read your sentence out loud. Wonderful, now write it. (Writing it each and everyday, is a great way to remind yourself of your goal and to keep on target, and it only takes a few moments. So, do it, okay?)

Real Deal Change Wheel

Now you are ready to jump on the Wishful Thinking Works Real Deal Change Wheel. It’s time to be completely honest with yourself, and get off the Ferris Wheel of Denial you’ve been riding regarding the change you want to make in your life. (It’s not just you – we all tell ourselves stuff to keep from changing, problem is that’s what it does – keeps us from changing!)

To get your free Real Deal Change Ticket, click here. The first step in getting real is to identify what you’ve been telling yourself about why you cannot make or haven’t made your change – yet. (I know you can change, but now we need to convince you that you can. The Wishful Thinking Works Real Deal Change Wheel will help you do that. )

Click here to print and complete the Real Deal Change Wheel. If you don’t have a printer nearby, no problem,  open the Real Deal Change Wheel, take a moment to read the instructions, and recreate the Wheel on paper – no excuses! (There really is no good reason to ignore changing yourself and your future. It’s time to get real. And, I guarantee it is a much better ride than the Ferris Wheel of Denial.)

We have just a few more Wishful Thinking Ways in March. Come back on the next two Fridays to learn about the deep, rich wonderful impact of congruency and easy ways to develop the steps that will lead you to successful change.

You can do it!


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