The words we use matter.

Reality, as we know it, is a subjective vs. objective state and is created through language and conversations. What we say, how we say it to ourselves and others, constructs our reality. Changing your words, can change your life.
Think about it. How do you describe the people, things and events in your life?
Here’s a simple word test for you to try today:
  1. Use words filled with positive meanings and/or positive or neutral connotations to describe what is going on in your life. (No drama/less trauma – this option may be difficult, but give it a try. Search deep if you have to!)
  2. Use words loaded with negative meanings and connotations to describe what is going on in your life. (Even using the words “filled” vs.  “loaded” in the previous sentences sends a slightly different message. Did you notice?)

Which option makes you feel better?

Use that one more often.

The End.

(Or, may a new beginning . . . )

PS This is not to say you can never share your thoughts and feelings when bad or upsetting things happen or you are sad, simply choose your words wisely and see what happens.

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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