“If” your way through the day . . .

Red Decorations on BranchesMake today all about the choices you have  . . .

If you’re heading back to work, find at least one small task you’ve been avoiding – maybe for the entire year, and start or finish it. (Listening to your favorite tunes, Christmas or not, will add some fun to getting the job done.)

If you’re heading out the door to shop, enjoy, but get home before the excitement and thrill of the chase and your wallet wear thin.

If you’re home alone or with the kids, revel in every lazy minute of it – interspersed with mini-moments of productivity. And, remember no matter how noisy or cranky the kids get, they’re yours and a joy to have! Find low-key ways to connect with them by following their lead. Cocoa and whatever they want to do, is the way to go.

If you have leftovers, eat them, but be picky!  Select the best of what you have and savor each and every bite.

If you are going to eat a plateful of cookies, go ahead, but do it in style!  Plan to eat them, don’t let them sneak up on you, and replace the guilt with sheer enjoyment.

If you aren’t absolutely loving what you are eating, stop and find something else. Don’t settle! The key to successful holiday eating, is making sure the calorie-count and the psychic-satisfaction level match. Give the calories the attention they deserve!

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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